Budget for travel to Australia

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Before coming to Australia, the traveler must know some important details, we are talking about budget travel, the exchange rate, accommodation, low cost places to visit etc. To this day we have brought an article related to it, which we announce next.

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Photography by kevgibbo

Australia is a somewhat more expensive than Spain. To compare Australia to another country, we forget to make comparisons with Southeast Asia, South America, etc.. It is clearly in the category of Western countries and, indeed, this list pulling occupies an intermediate to high. Without going to extremes such as Switzerland or the Nordic countries, or the slightly more expensive than countries like the U.S., Spain or Italy.

Most commodities are priced similar to the one that used to pay in Spain. But certain things are extremely expensive, and this makes a difference.

Budget accommodation (hostels)

The accommodation is in a band similar to what we might find in Europe, both in price and conditions, although we found a proportion of hostels to decent kitchens but significantly higher than that found in Europe, at least My experience. This allows us to cook on a regular basis, which means a saving.

A price level we have, starting with the cheapest, which is a dormitory with 10 or 12 people, priced at $ 20 night at least, be the standard around 25. It is hard to find anything cheaper than this, especially in large cities, although it is quite frequent weekly rental option, which gives us a discount that allows us to lower the price up to about 100-120 dollars week. It is important to note that prices vary greatly hostel in Australia by geographic region. In tourist areas like Byron Bay beach, it is difficult to find something for less than $ 40 night. However, if we move to the west coast, the area of Perth is cheaper in general.

Budget for travel to Australia

Photography by Peter Shanks

Budget accommodation (Housing)

The rental price of housing in cities is more expensive than in Spain. A room in Melbourne, in a shared house can cost from about $ 120 a week to 350 euros a month in a neighborhood about seven miles from downtown. The option of sharing a room is feasible, allowing us to live near downtown in a nice house, half price, but giving up the privacy of your own room.

If we can rent an entire house or apartment and share it among several, the lower price and can get something decent for $ 100 a week, in a decent house in a neighborhood more or less central. If you plan to be living in the long run is the best option, but we must find partners or risk paying all the rent with the possibility that some months do not have companions. Of course you always have to consider that you can get something better, the prices they give are only indicative.

Price of transport:

In the city, we find that public transport is fucking expensive, but is usually efficient.

Melbourne Tram

Photography by dicktay2000

Bus tickets:

One-way ticket from Melbourne to Sydney: Around $ 100 (distance of about 1000 km)


Perth-Melbourne Flight: $ 150 (distance of about 2.700 km) Bought in advance
Melbourne-Sydney flight: about $ 100 (distance of about 1,000 km) Purchased at short notice.

Flights within Australia are not expensive, however we expect that the minimum distance that we are going to move is 1,000 km and it is not unusual to travel more than 3,000 km of what is to be understanding with the prices, since despite to be flying within a country, it is a huge country and we will not find prices for Ryanair or Easy Jet in Europe. There are several low cost airlines among which could highlight Jet star. Air Asia, the low cost airline cheapest in Asia, has a couple of flights between Australia and Southeast Asia, so getting the country can be very cheap. You can buy tickets from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne from EUR 260 later being a distance of 6,000 km.

Price of food:

Eating in restaurants of any variety is more expensive than in Spain, and products such as coffee café, or bakery, are unique expensive.

Eating in a restaurant will cost a minimum of $ 7 for a plate of fast food type 10 or $ 15 at a restaurant mid-range and below $ 25 on the plate at a good restaurant.

In the McDonalds, as in most places, is cheaper and costs around $ 7 a full menu.

Price of coffee: $ 3 onwards

Price of coffee and a muffin: about $ 8.

A full breakfast price: around $ 10

Price of a half-liter Coke: $ 4

A bottle of one liter of water costs between 1 and $ 3, bought in supermarket

If we choose the option to buy at the supermarket, find a good supply of food at a price somewhat higher than the Spanish.

Travel Tips Australia

Photography by Peter Shanks

Items such as candy, cookies, snacks and pastries are particularly expensive.

The bread is also quite expensive, around $ 2.5 a package of bread.

The basic pasta and olive oil, are relatively inexpensive.

The average supermarket a purchase we will like what we pay at home, if we look closely we buy.

Price of alcohol and snuff:

If a smoker is considered a good budget must be prepared to snuff. A pack of cigarettes ranges from 10 to $ 15 depending on the brand.

A beer in a bar costs between 3 and $ 7 depending on the brand.

The pack of four liters of wine is the cheapest drink, going to $ 10 (bought at supermarket)

Visas and fees:

The Spanish enjoy visa free and not have to pay any fee to leave.

Good trip to Australia!

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