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At this time we will see some of the best hotels in Vietnam. We begin our tour in the city of Ho Chi Minh, also known as Saigon.

If you get a quality hotel prices is folly, then nothing better to opt for the Huong Sen Hotel, a housing and can spend the night from $ 60. In the same city can find cheaper options as the Riverside Hotel, which offers accommodation from $ 55 per night. You’re still the cheapest prices, then you need to know that by $ 45 dollars you can find accommodation in hotels like the Empress and the Bong Sen Annex.

Hotels in Vietnam

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If you are a traveler who does not take into account the price, but luxury, then you’ll love staying in one of most luxurious hotels in the city. We refer to the Renaissance Hotel, a colonial style hotel that offers guests spacious rooms with 32 m² at a price of $ 186 dollars per night. It is also worth mentioning another luxury hotel like the Windsor Plaza, which gives us the possibility of staying at $ 140 per night. Finally, in Ho Chi Ming, another luxury hotel recommended the Majestic, where we can get rooms from $ 230 dollars.

It’s time to head directly to the city of Nha Trang. Here, one of the most luxurious hotels is undoubtedly the Ana Mandara Resort. This is accommodation located in front and the beach, which offers lodging from $ 160 per night.

Vietnam accommodation located in front and the beach

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Hotels for every taste in Hanoi

Today we will visit the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi City. If you’ve been encouraged to travel here, know that we can find a wide variety of notable hotels to spend a dream holiday. Let’s start our tour by the Hotel Heritage Hotel, which offers lodging from $ 53 dollars per night. Surely it is an economic offer enough to keep in mind.

If you are a business traveler, then you can cheer for a few days stay at the Fortuna Hotel, which is a fifteen-storey building. Here you can find accommodation from $ 170 per night.

If you prefer something more luxurious like a boutique hotel, then you can decide by the French Syloia Hotel, which offers travelers a choice of rooms from $ 60 to $ 105 dollars. A slightly more expensive option is to opt for the Moevenpick Hotel, which offers rooms from $ 140. If luxury is what is best then to choose the Nikko Hotel, considered one of the most unique and elegant hotels in the city. The cost of the stay here exceeds $ 200 per night.

Vietnam to Accommodation

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If you do not have much money, and decide to spend less on accommodation, then you can opt for the Chains First Eden Hotel, which gives us the possibility to find rooms from $ 36 per night.

The Galaxy Hotel is another good alternative if you are looking for economical prices. This hotel offers a beautiful view of the city gives us the opportunity to spend the night from $ 66.

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  1. Daren Says:

    Vietnam has offer a fantastic hotel accommodation services especially the hotels of Hanoi city. I really enjoyed greatly the delicious foods in vietnam hotels during my last summer holidays.

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