Where to stay in Manila?

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Are you going to travel to Manila? Have you booked your hotel? If you have not already done so do not worry, here we present some of the leading hotels in the capital of the Philippines.

If you’re an ideal hotel for business travelers, then you can opt for the Traders Hotel, which offers rooms from $ 107 U.S. dollars per night.


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To enjoy some of the most remarkable hotels. We begin our tour hotel in the capital city of Manila. If price is cheap, then we can choose the Century Citadel Inn Hotel, comfortable accommodation that gives us the possibility of staying for just $ 43 per night.

If you are a business traveler, then you can opt for the AIM Conference Center Manila, accommodation which has the amenities that any executive might need. The price of a room here for one night is $ 80. Now if you have in mind is to spend the night in a luxury hotel, then nothing better than the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which offers rooms from $ 158 U.S. dollars. Other luxury hotels are similar cost Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Pan Pacific Manila. And the Heritage Hotel Manila, which offers exclusive amenities for just $ 145 per night.

If you’re for travelers who prefer traditional hotels, ancient architecture, then a good option is the Manila Hotel, a hotel that has over 90 years satisfying customers. Here the rooms cost an average of $ 130 per night.

Slightly more expensive is staying at the luxury hotel Makati Shangri-la Hotel, where we pay about $ 195 per room.

If you are a traveler looking for cheap options, do not worry, there are also low-cost accommodation as the Orchid Garden Suites, where we can find rooms from $ 58 U.S. dollars per night.

If you want to find cheap accommodation offers in Manila, a good way to do that is via-online. Here you can find different offers 3-star hotels such as the Executive Plaza Hotel, which offers 150 rooms.

That hotel is a good option to find variety of accommodation at low prices. Some of the options offered by this site are the 4-star accommodation Hotel Best Western Astor Hotel Best Western Hotel Maka and Astor Hotel Maka. If you prefer to opt for a 3 star hotel then we propose the Aim Conference Center Hotel, and if two-star hotels it is then you can cheer for the Best Western Hotel La Corona.

If you plan to head directly to Cebu, and looking for accommodation then you’ve come to the right place because then you show them. Let’s start by mentioning the beach resorts Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, where we spend the night for about $ 120 per night. A hotel that offers a similar price is the Waterfront Airport Hotel.

Where to stay in Manila?

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If you intend to head directly to the paradise island of Boracay, then you know that here you can opt for the Boracay Island Hotel, where we stay overnight for only $ 124 dollars. Another is similar accommodation Nigi Nigi Nu Noos on, which offers rooms from $ 102 dollars.

Bon voyage!

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