A Westerner in the East

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Prepare to undertake a voyage to some Eastern country requires, among other things, have an attitude and a particular mindset as it tries to know a culture quite different from the West, particularly marked by the Islamic religion. The tourist should be aware that should be flexible and to enhance confidence in itself to meet new areas of a safe and responsible manner, without being defenseless against social attitudes, cultural or religious beliefs that may be discriminatory.

A Westerner in the East

Photography by Peter Shanks

The premise holds that the probability of success of any trip depends on the information collected and the preparation of all its stages is completely accurate.

Dubai - Burj Al Arab

Photography by catsper

If we know, among other things, the way people dress of the site or how we interact with them more fruitful will be our adventure. It is, in short, respect the customs of each region.

Each country has its own traditions, which one will have to adapt if it wants to make your adventure more enjoyable. Should be avoided at all times to attract attention. It is important to mimic the style of dress of the locals, but we must not forget that it can be a good prevention act like them.

For example, in India men are not accustomed to shaking hands with women, travelers should familiarize yourself with the way they place the palms together in greeting. Of all the recommendations for travel to the Middle East should be noted that we should not use his left hand, to avoid public displays of affection in public, remove their shoes before entering a place shaking hands and greeting to all world although it is an unknown.

In any case, it is also possible that some Muslims prefer touching his heart or salute, if in the presence of other women, who wait for you to do it first. On the other hand, when you do a tour covering several countries, be sure to inform you well and to request visas well in advance, especially if you’ve been before in Israel, as some countries do not permit the entry.

Keep in mind also that in many regions require women traveling alone hire a guide, so it may be better to hire an organized tour from the departure city. Although it may seem that women are most vulnerable in the Middle East, the truth is that, regardless of the harassment, serious sexual crimes are rare because the penalties are severe.

If you want to know the Arab world in a relaxed perhaps Dubai, the so-called Venice of the Gulf and most populous city in the UAE, is the most appropriate place. Here you will find more tolerance than in other countries. You’ll be amazed the melting pot of different origin: Europeans, Asians and Iranians as well as the lack of riots or civil unrest relevant. A world completely opposite to that of cities such as Baghdad or Beirut.

Middle East has become a new standard of world tourism, and as such, the quality of its hotel establishments is beyond doubt. The offer exquisite accommodation in cities like Dubai in the UAE or Syria, and countries like Bahrain or Kuwait is rich and satisfying the demands of its host. Some of the most luxurious hotels are Yasmeen d’Alep, Grosvenor House West Marina Beach by Le Meridien or the Al Manzil Hotel. The security guarantee these establishments comfort is high: They watch your luggage and have a safe high performance to preserve personal documents. However, if undertaken destination to East but only allows the pocket to stay in budget accommodation it is advisable to lower it in a good building and well preserved, with screens on doors and windows. If there is no such protection should close the doors and windows at night. Its purpose is to prevent the spread of disease through the bite of the Anopheles mosquito.

Photography by Peter Shanks

Other golden rules mandatory to travel there: Reach out to passengers who have had similar experiences or similar. Provide good advice and confidence forward. If you visit Islamic countries, we must bear in mind that Friday is not the best day to make arrangements. Some shops are closed all day and cease its activities over a long interval. Hygiene and health should not ignore the hand washing so much as I can: Before meals, upon rising, before cooking, after using the toilet and before bedtime.

Bon voyage!

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