Visit the Natural Park Network in Asturias

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Surely you have an image of Asturias are mountainous and green landscapes. And it is true, for we are many (more if you live on the plateau, as is my case) who, when they traveled to Asturias, one of the main reasons is to enjoy those views. So today’s topic is to see the landscapes of the natural park Networks Nalón Valley in Asturias.

Visit the Natural Park Network in Asturias

Photography by acebal

But if you also like mountainous regions with dense forests of beech and oak, for hiking, southeast of Asturias have an area not too well known, but truly beautiful corner store for you. I mean the natural park of networks, which are in the upper Nalón Valley. This area was declared a natural park in 1996, and in 2001 Unesco included it among its Biosphere Reserves.

Branes in the Redes Natural Park in the Valley of Nalón in Asturias:

Nature Park On Highway Network AS-117 from Oviedo, via Pola de Laviana, and after passing through the banks of the reservoir Tarna, you up to the port of Tarna, and on the border with León.

The park covers 377 square kilometers and the two councils are Sobrescobio and Case, which represent about 50 towns and villages. Field Case is precisely where you find the Visitors Center Network, with all the useful information for visiting.

And what can you do in the natural park of Networks? Walk and enjoy its lush landscapes. To do this, regardless of whether you go by car to the port of Tarna the winding road that will offer beautiful views, it is advisable to climb the mountains for hiking and deeper into the forests of beech trees.

The Natural Park in Asturias

Photography by brunosan

Cabins in the Vega de Brañagallones Natural Park Network in Asturias:

The most visited place to enjoy these landscapes is known as Vega Brañagallones, a typical traditional braña where you can see herds of livestock.

Vega Brañagallones To climb, you can do walk after leaving the car in a parking lot in the small town of Bezanes. But another option is to hire a taxi service 4 × 4 that will allow you to above, and from there you can go hiking in the nearby mountains.

Brañagallones way up to the natural park in Asturias Network:

But apart from this braña up, you can also go to other networks park mountains, such as INCOSE Collada, or hiking, or in that 4 × 4 vehicle. This allows you to stroll through lush beech too, see chestnut and birch, and also spot wildlife in the area.

And you can spot wildlife in the area. The most emblematic Network are the chamois, but there are deer, roe deer and wolves. And even this year it has been a bear sighting.

Hiking in the nature of networks in the Nalón Valley in Asturias:

Besides mammals, you can also see raptors such as vultures, falcons, hawks and, likewise, we have identified six pairs of golden eagles.

The park in Asturias

Photography by antecessor

Finally, your visit to the natural park in Asturias Network allows you to see examples of rural culture, including traditional workshop madreñas in Banners, and taste the local cuisine. And, in this respect, do not forget to discover and try the tasty cheese Casín.

Bon voyage!

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