Virgin Islands: The Sea Goddess

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Virgin Islands: The Sea Goddess

Photography by Peter Shanks

The British Virgin Islands are an emblem of the beauty and exuberance of the Eastern Caribbean. Bays, hills and palm trees in an archipelago of four main islands, islets and rocks emerging from the crystal clear sea.

Could be the scene of the series Lost, in The Blue Lagoon or any movie set in an idyllic and breathtakingly beautiful landscape. The British Virgin Islands in the eastern Caribbean, are an invitation to pure nature, with a climate conducive to long outdoor activities, clear waters and white sands. It is less than 100 kilometers from Puerto Rico, the archipelago made up of dozens of rocks, hills and islands strung over an oval drawn in the ocean, and while the four central islands (Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada) are the most developed for visitors, each of its corners invites an indescribable feeling of being in paradise.

Tours and Adventure in the Virgin Islands:

The Virgin Islands are considered the «capital of sport sailing Caribbean», is one of the motives for the visit of more than 400,000 tourists a year, in addition to snorkeling and diving.  Mystical and inspiring legends of adventure and romance, its green hills of mahogany and cacti are privileged viewpoints towards the cliffs, ruins, coral reefs and other wildlife sanctuaries where lie several endangered species. This commitment to preservation installed Jean Michel Cousteau, a respected environmentalist and son of legendary ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, as the island’s environmental spokesman to raise awareness of caring for one of the most unique «lungs of the world. Also, the National Parks Association established in 1961 and preserves this heritage through 20 national parks covering 736 hectares, including land and sea.

The Fantastic Four Islands:

Tortola, comprises the island scene from the air. Sailing boats and motor, which can be arranged in different hostels, prevailing in a radius of 80 nautical miles and are disputing the scene with the surf, especially north of Apple and Josiah’s Bay, with good waves. The island is also highlighted by a large forest, similar to the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. And if the complex Soper Hole is perhaps the greatest attraction for sport and commercial activity, Cane Garden Bay is installed as a major center for «energy beach activities,» the name given to promote yoga and other physical and spiritual exercises.

Tours and Adventure in the Virgin Islands

Photography by Peter Shanks

Virgin Gorda, with fabulous beaches such as Savannah Bay, Mountain Point, and Long Bay, three large and uninhabited strips of sand shaped curve, ideal for lonely lovers and fishermen elusive. Trunk Bay, on the other hand, every inch is lined by palm trees, as mandated by the classical image of a Caribbean beach.

Jost Van Dyke, this island is located to the west and by the villagers themselves are generating the largest island of feeling «lost in time.» Is the area that best combines wildness with building complex, to call it somehow. And it’s funny the central avenue that leads and ends in the sand itself.

Anegada, this island is suspended slightly north in the Atlantic, surrounded by small keys. They call it «black island» to the natives, is itself a real world of coral: for something their traditional dish is the lobster masterfully prepared by local chefs. The other details are its 37 continuous miles of unspoiled beach.

Vacation paradise in the Virgin Islands

Photography by Peter Shanks

Experience a vacation paradise in the Virgin Islands!

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