Utilities for the phone: Take a good gadget for your trip

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The phones have been upgraded so that the time has come to be helpful for people and that includes tourists. To do this in this cyber world has come to develop a series of modern utilities for mobile phones.

Utilities for the phone

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These software utilities for mobile phones are:


The perfect guide for pedestrians, ideal for touring the city on foot or by public transport. This application is able to calculate the traffic and, depending on the outcome, to recommend the user to make the journey by bus, train or subway. Indicate which are the closest stops, and the frequency of service and time it takes to arrive. In Latin America, is available in several cities in Mexico and Brazil, and Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Caracas (Nokia, free with your computer and iPhone).


It may sound unusual, and perhaps it is, but when you go to the bathroom in strange land, this application will be more than welcome. Sitorsquat (which can be translated as «sitting or squatting»), in effect, provides directions to find the nearest toilet. Has registered more than 97,772 baths around the world, from Mozambique to Paris. (Free for iPhone and BlackBerry).


How many times we forget where we parked the car? For more distracted, simply touch a function that says Park Me! is just a place to park. Later, again, you press Where Did I Park?, And voila, the iPhone direct you to the car. (U.S. $ 0.99 for iPhone).


They call it the personal travel assistant, as collected and organized into a single application all information related thereto. Sounds simple, and it is, though no longer useful. How it works User forwards all data from your itinerary from the airline mails (or e-tickets) to the hotel reservation, car rental, show tickets and other services contracted, in turn, returns with the organized tour in a single document, adding maps, weather, events in the destiny and even pictures of the place. (Free, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android).

Take a good gadget for your trip

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No more calls to say that the flight is delayed, we got it, now we can go to look, we do not look anything because the flight was canceled … With this application, anyone (from passenger to his family) can get updated information direct flights from around the world. FlightTrack consultation flight maps with weather radar, check the boarding gates, check delays or cancellations, estimated times of takeoff and landing and air access to information as the type of aircraft, speed and altitude (U.S. $ 4.99 for iPhone and BlackBerry).

City guide with a gadget

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If one grabs the darkest night stroll or a sudden power outage, this program converts the phone into a flashlight. And a detail: you can choose the colors of the lights. (Free).


Taxi stands, pharmacies, bars, hospitals … AroundMe indicates all establishments that surround us in a radius of 3 km. Thus, if one is in an unfamiliar city can use to find the nearest ATM, trace the route to the same or even call the bank to check your schedule (Free for iPhone).


Not exactly the local version of MapsBuddy but Waze also works on the route, more precisely in Argentina. This is a free application that brings together drivers and passengers to work together. In this way, users can update maps, share data on what’s happening in real-time traffic information on the latest road conditions (with street closures and traffic jams), among other alerts (free for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Nokia).


It captures and Google Maps and offers alternative ways to shorten the route, find gas stations, restaurants, ATMs, museums and all that is needed on the road (free for iPhone).

Word Lens:

It seems more an illusionist’s trick that a software program. With the help of the built in Apple’s smartphone, the application translates words into text instantly. It requires more than point to the word you want translated with the iPhone camera and instantly translates it. For now, the application only provides direct translation from English to Spanish and vice versa, but is expected to incorporate more languages in the future, including a reader for the blind. Oh, and works without an Internet connection. (Free, iPhone).


¿Sushi, Thai or vegetarian? When choosing where to eat in the United States, Britain, Canada or Australia, this program identifies restaurants and fast food in these countries. You can see the prices, menu and food critic (for iPhone, free).

Utilities for the phone: Take a good gadget for your trip

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To make the wait more bearable at airports, help find entertainment and services in the terminal where you are from the book suitable for reading on the plane to the best souvenir to take home. Also located ATMs, outlets for charging batteries and rest areas, among other services. Users can add more data, more useful suggestions vote and even add pictures of places that appear in Gateguru (free for iPhone).

Lets see the listing of more than 90 currencies around the world (Android and iPhone, free).


Travel is a metasearch engine that enables you to access a permanent supply of over 250 travel sites, with the option to reserve and purchase tickets at the time. (Free, iPhone).

NYC Way:

Exclusively for the Big Apple tourists and New Yorkers alike, all the data is updated in the city, from entertainment to safety camera locations. Not to miss anything. (Free, iPhone, Android and BlackBerry).

Road Trip Fun:

A relief for parents, their function is to entertain children on the road, especially at such a decisive moment they begin to be simply unbearable. Download dozens of games for hours in the car pass more quickly, such as I Spy (I Spy) 20 Questions (20 questions) and License Plates (Patent). (U.S. $ 0.99 for Apple products)


Improvisation is not good, but you never know and have an app aimed at finding accommodation can be very useful, not so much to do on the day of landing, but to organize it in time without having to be looking at thousands of websites .

Good luck!

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