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Ayuntamiento de Albacete por carol_ab_spain.

Albacete is a city within Spain, which also became more and earn a place of recognition, which shows the world with the expansion of its borders, which is also open to reveal its tourism. The policies have guided the development of its economy, culture and tourism. All these as their main cards to the world. This game has made gradual improvement as of today, Albacete, is able to claim a real position within the regional urban network and as a result of the development of tourism.

Places to Visit:

City of Albacete

Located in Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete is the most populous urban center in the province. Its geographical location is located on the plains and become a center of communications and public transit. The truth is that in ancient times the place was known as a pleasant corner of way, but today, little by little, was established as a tourist destination in itself.

Teatro Circo Albacete

At first sight more attractive native enchant, the condition of being a beautiful natural crossroads. Here today is full of entertainment, offers to supply the entertainment, hotels, gastronomy, cultural programs, and all the tourist infrastructure is ready to receive passengers. Because the theme of the common people rent out: «Tourist happy tourist returns».

Cultural programs there every day and for all tastes. If we take the trouble to ask for a January calendar with scheduled events, we would find that all public and private campuses in the everyday work, to provide artistic and cultural programming quality and variety. And if we speak of important sites, we have to move quickly to the Circus Theater, built in 1887 and reopened in 2002. At her birth site was converted for circus and theatrical performances.

We can say that the growth of tourism and support for cultural activity was also considering the need to increase physical spaces. So they built the Teatro de la Paz and the University Auditorium. Private management also added venues willing to support cultural activity. Among them are the halls of the Caja de Castilla-La Mancha, the Nest of Art and the Athenaeum.

And when the music turns off, the curtain is lowered, and the dancers take a short break, the culture remains. This time we moved to a historic corner of the city and visiting its most significant spaces. Albacete start with the Museum, a site which has three rooms for Archeology and Fine Arts. Become the seat of exhibitions. Others are the Municipal Museum, the Children’s Museum, the Historical Documentation Center, the Center for Interpretation and Awareness for Peace, and the Museum of Cutlery.

Knife Museum of Albacete por iLibro.

Holliday of Albacete:

The Holliday of Albacete is another site of scale in this covered. During the days of celebration, visitors can participate in sporting events, bullfights, and various leisure activities and culture. And for those who like to buy, and want to take a present of all, it is possible to enter the craft.

Those who enjoy a good meal are also in their day. It’s easy to enjoy the simple cuisine of these lands: gazpachos con caza, migas ruleras, ojuelas, gachas de pastor, judías con perdiz, carne de cordero manchergo y atascaburras. These are some of the exquisite dishes that contained in the letters of the restaurants in the city. And to wash it down, nothing better than a wine of the earth.

Plaza toros Albacete

So far our virtual tour Albacete.

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