The beautiful princess Celtic

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Rising from the mist, behind lush forests and endless mountains beyond the horizon, stands the beautiful and welcoming beautiful Northern Ireland with its many charms that look forward to the visitor, eager for nature and adventure, go to rescue her its legendary past of Celtic myths and legends.

The beautiful princess Celtic

Photography by TS Drown

Perhaps what most surprised just landing in Ireland are lush green forests, which seem to be endless. Besides its natural wonders and home quintessential home of the famous James Joyce and bands including U2, Emerald Island is world famous for the celebration of St. Patrick, pubs exported to the far corners of the planet and pints Guinness factory, which gives its name to the famous book of records. Among its many possibilities, we focus in this post on Causeway Road, a beautiful walk through Northern Ireland ranked as one of the five most fascinating road routes in the world.

A landscape of legend:

The Causeway route from Belfast Lough to Lough Foyle, is considered one of the top five road trips in the world. Wild beauty and dazzle the traveler spectacular views as it moves through the miles of this scenic road surrounded by lush green and along the whole way.

Photography by smemon87

A must on this route is the Giants Causeway, UNESCO’s natural wonders and the most famous attraction in Northern Ireland with about 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns, formed 60 million years ago. Also this area is the route to go medieval castles, for lovers of history: the Norman fortress of Carrickfergus (on the shores of Belfast Lough, represents over 800 years of military), Dunluce, located on top of a seaside rock, inspiration for the famous castle of Cair Paravel (fictional setting of The Chronicles of Narnia) or circular Mussenden Temple building, located on a cliff and inspired by the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli. For the more daring, throws the challenge suspension bridge Carrick-a-Rede, hanging from a cliff on a top of 24 meters.

The attraction in Northern Ireland

Photography by rovingI

The footprint of San Patricio:

Just steps from the holy more representative of Northern Ireland, St. Patrick, you can continue on this path north through the mountains of Mourne, which are the highest in the island, situated next to the saint’s birthplace or the cathedrals of St Patrick’s and Down, in the latter is buried Christian monk. In addition, this area held the famous horse racing Down, another renowned attractions of the island and one of the few shows that there are still missing the Titanic, which sunk some of their memories here with the legendary myths Irish.

the Glens of Antrim

Photography by Jule_Berlin

The route of the lakes and the Glens of Antrim:

In County Fermanagh is one of the most attractive routes north of this corner of Ireland: beautiful lakes surrounded by dilapidated houses and fairytale castles and Enniskillen Castle, built on the River Erne. Next stop, Marble Arch in Florencecourt hides natural caves and waterfalls that can be explored by boat, for the most avid visitors and wild adventure on the coast. And to end our route between Larne and Ballycastle are the Glens of Antrim, better known locally as the Glens, these are composed of nine glens that form a picturesque and original landscape whose roots go back to the Neolithic period.

Enniskillen Castle

Photography by M.A.W.1

Glens of Antrim:

Friendly and fun, the Irish are known worldwide for their great hospitality, which welcomes visitors warmly. For the Irish, the alien is a friend not yet known, partly it is to feel completely at home. It is one more reason to visit this beautiful country and recreate in their ancient legends and Celtic roots, on an unforgettable journey for life.

Northern Ireland

Photography by wfbakker2

Good trip to Northern Ireland!

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