Sun, sand and sea on the coast of Ecuador

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Since the beginning of January beginning in the Ecuadorian coast beach season, which coincides with the period of annual leave for the students of the coast. At this time the sun shines in all its splendor and sand invites tourists to walk barefoot on it.

the coast of Ecuador

Photography by Andrea Guerra

Amenities on site:

With the approach of visitors who will come to the coastal provinces spas, hotels, hostels, restaurants, entertainment venues and other businesses engaged in the tourist attention is ready to provide the best care possible, while law enforcement authorities drew up plans for provide security for the hundreds of thousands of tourists who are scattered throughout all the resorts on the coast of Ecuador.

Similarly, the authorities of the Navy extremely careful of swimmers to the water holes announced that at certain times hit the sea shore.

Starting from the northern coastal provinces of Ecuador are Esmeraldas, Manabi, Guayas, El Oro and Santa Elena, with a variety of owning beach beauty, charm and different attractions, both as craft and gastronomic landscape.

Places to see:


Known as the Green Province, is located between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains, where, unfortunately, the green of forest is lost gradually due to indiscriminate felling of trees.

Some versions say the name given to Esmeraldas province in the rivers because in the past you could find these gems, but others, say their name from the lush vegetation.

In Esmeraldas beaches over there are also other attractions such as the typical dances of the Caderona, Andarele, Whirlwind, and Bambuco Fabriciano, whose music and movements are performed by musicians and dancers, that the rate of marimbas, drums, cununos, guides and shakers move their bodies so agilely lilting.

Traditional soft drinks such as beer and cocktails of various kinds, in which fruits like pineapple and coconut are an important part in its preparation, are offered to the delight of tourists.

Sun, sand and sea on the coast of Ecuador

Photography by Rinaldo W.

Sitting in the sand, Esmeralda women engaged in making braids in the hair of the tourists, which is also an attraction of the area.

The coastal profile is about 230 kilometers Esmeraldas, ranking them a great variety of beaches and resorts that capture of its vegetation and the peaceful waters.

The capital of the province, the city of Esmeraldas, (to 318 and 472 kilometers from Quito to Guayaquil) has the busy resort of Las Palmas.

One of the most popular resorts is the Atacama, 30 minutes of Esmeraldas, where to meet the tourists there is a good number of hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, among other businesses.

Other frequently visited resorts are Shua, Same, Tonsupa, Tonchigüe, Muisne, Playa Escondida, Punta Galera, Caimito, Tóngora, Tongorachí, San Francisco and Bunche.


It is a province known for its coffee production and the beauty of its women. In the coastal profile is located between Esmeraldas, Guayas and Santa Elena and can be accessed from different regions of Ecuador through a network of roads that link not only with the coastal provinces but with the center of the country.

Its capital is the city of Portmore, to 355 and 194 kilometers from Quito to Guayaquil, which has as its spa to Crucita, which paragliding and hang gliding.

Manabi also has to Manta, the first tourist port and industrial fishing in the country. In its ships berthing docks not only bring goods from far away countries, but also thousands of tourists who descend from the ship to recreate in the scenic boardwalk, savoring dishes acquiring marine and handicrafts made mostly with tagua.

Manta has Tarqui beaches and the bat, to which thousands of tourists flock is served by an excellent network of hotels and restaurants.

Caráquez Bay, Cojimíes, Jama, Pedernales, Punta Palmar, Jaramijó, Canoeing, Briceño, San Vicente, San Jacinto and San Clemente are other important Manabi beaches.

A beach is known internationally is Puerto López, around which arrive each year between June and September, humpback whales. Nearby are Puerto Cayo, Machalilla, Los Frailes, Salango and Ayampe, located in the «Ruta del Sol».

sand and sea on the coast of Ecuador

Photography by Ramblurr


Its capital is Guayaquil, base of the economy of Ecuador, located 420 kilometers from Quito, the capital of the country. The great city of Buenos Aires has no limits in their seaside spas, but constantly moving Guayaquil General Villamil, also known as Playas, Data and Posorja, for sun, sea and enjoy a good rest.

The spa is General Villamil about 90 kilometers from Guayaquil and is very crowded on weekends. Especially in times of Carnival and Easter the influx of tourists is of such magnitude that it is hardly a place to set up a tent, an umbrella or a hammock. Thanks to the collaboration between the local municipality and the Provincial Government of Gauteng is being made regeneration and beautification works around the pier, which soon will face completely changed Beaches.

Beaches in the vicinity of Port El Morro is a place that although is not a spa, is very attractive the presence of dolphins in its waters, which can be observed from small boats, a short distance there is also the island called Birds, in which you can see a lot of sea birds that have made this place their natural habitat.

Santa Elena:
The province of Santa Elena, created during the government of Rafael Correa in land that were part of the province of Guayas, has a number of resorts and beaches, highlighting Salinas, 163 kilometers from Guayaquil, a beautiful and spacious setting that goes not only high society Guayaquil but tourists from all over the country and abroad, especially in Colombia.

In Salinas there is a large amount and variety of hotels, as well as restaurants and bars where they sell typical local seafood dishes like ceviches shell, shrimp, squid and octopus.

The province of Santa Elena

Photography by Rinaldo W.

Other resorts:

In the traditionally known as La Costa Azul Ecuadorian over Salinas beach resorts are located in La Libertad and Ballenita and as a complement to what for years has been known as the Ruta del Sol, are, Punta Blanca, San Pablo, Palmar, Ayangue, Liberator Bolívar, Manglaralto, Olon and Montañita, on the beach of the latter are staged international surfing competitions and is visited by foreign tourists.

Precisely, in Montanita from 26 to January 30 was held the championship surf Latin American Reef Classic Conquer called 2010, which included the participation of athletes from Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, among others.

Passing through San Pablo, tourists can stop and enjoy delicious seafood dishes in the bar-restaurant Gina Princes Galleon, whose great attraction is that it is built entirely of wood, like an old ship of the Spanish era.

In the vicinity of Punta Carnero is Salinas, whose sand waves burst furiously Mar Bravo. A few kilometers away Anconcito, a traditional fishing port, used for years as a resort for the inhabitants of the sector, especially in Ancon, a former oil camp, which despite having a small beach, this is not used for bathing due to the danger of its waters.
El Oro:
It is the largest banana producer in the country, well known also by mining wealth that was extracted from the bowels of Pineapples, Portovelo and Zaruma, populations that are part of their jurisdiction.

In this province the best known resort on the island Jambelí, site that reaches out in motor boats from Puerto Bolivar, about 10 minutes from Machala, the capital of El Oro, 518 kilometers from Quito and Guayaquil 191.

While Gold does not have the extensive beaches of the other provinces, instead offering tourists the opportunity to know the mineralogical museum Magner Turner, Portovelo Puyango the petrified forest and the beauty of the old houses of Zaruma, magnificently preserved.

Another possibility is provided to travelers is to get to the Love Island, off Port Bolivar, where a large population of nesting herons or go to the border area of Huaquillas to Peru and cross over the bridge that unites Aguas Verdes, a town of very active trading.

A few miles from Huaquillas is Hualtaco port, where good food lovers can enjoy a range of delicious dishes made with seafood.

Montañita: beaches, surfing and nightlife in Ecuador

We present a valuable new video produced by Argentine journalist Alejandro Martinez, Teleaire, which highlights the beauty of Montanita, a town located at the bottom of the sea, has a wide beach where the waves invite beautiful surfing in hours a day while at night, music, dancing and fun street take their domestic and foreign tourists mingling in a single embrace of brotherhood, overcoming language barriers.

sea on the coast of Ecuador

Photography by gargudojr

In recent years, Montanita has become an excellent destination for surfing in Ecuador, where the Pacific Ocean waves reach up to three meters in height. In addition, the town’s nightlife is increasingly attracting young people and adults of different nationalities, making it a unique multicultural resort.

If anything characterizes Ecuador is the multiplicity of natural sceneries and tourist proposals for: from cultural tours, visits to museums and monuments of great historical and artistic cities such as Cuenca, Guayaquil and Quito, the capital city, passing through adventure and ecotourism destinations such as Baños de Agua Santa, where you can go rafting, canyoning, bungee jumping, and a host of activities, only half of the forest landscape of the Ecuadorian Amazon, along with excellent culinary offerings, in which the protagonists food and drink are typical of the country, and health tourism, as proposed by the Ecopark Jungle Puyo Monte, with its unique Shamanic Spa, treatments with clays and herbs, whirlpool and even a steam house feel, literally, «as new».

But this is not all it offers Ecuador because the country is not far behind in the proposals for sun and beach tourism. And here, Montanita has outstanding role: not only is the venue for families to spend their holidays, but also target young people and adults attracted by the nightlife of the resort, and the surfers, because there Pacific waters reach a height setting for the teaching and practice of sport. For example, in the month of February an international tournament takes place the discipline of the participating surfers from Australia and Hawaii, among others.

Ecuador of holidays

Photography by gargudojr

Thus, Montañita combines beach and night in an original way: the bars open during the day become night in clubs that bring together thousands of tourists in the area, plus the music is always present in the spa, and streets are can see the handicrafts of the locals. In fact, the entire town is a true craft: wooden houses, with colors and striking forms, its shops, its urban development in general, give the unique scenic quality that invites you to meet him.

That is to say that the beaches in that location of the Pacific are for the exclusive use of guests of Baja Montanita. Thus, the whole complex scenario is perfectly combined with personalized attention in the place that invites guests to enjoy the wonderful beaches in Montanita Ecuador.

Good trip to Ecuador this summer!

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