Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

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The Sumidero Canyon is a spectacular canyon in the Grijalva River and that a dozen kilometers from the capital of Chiapas, Txutla Gutiérrez.

Sumidero Canyon

Photography by eduardo.robles

Sumidero Canyon walls in Chiapas:

The geological history of the place tells us that the origin of these towering walls (in places, with a height of 900 meters) occurred in the Pleistocene due to a fault. Although we note that a few years ago, the Grijalva River (one of the largest in Mexico) for over a river in Chiapas was fast and furious, but the construction of a series of hydroelectric plants allowed the river could visit by boat (there is a depth of 400 meters walking distance from the central Manuel Moreno Torres, and so that the barrel would become a major tourist center of the state of Chiapas.

Sumidero Canyon in Chiapas

Photography by jcbmac

Canyon Boat Sink:

On the Sumidero Canyon can do many activities, but the most common is to make the trentena of kilometers from most ports where boats leave for tourists to the hydroelectric Manuel Moreno Torres. Although there is a long distance, power boats and high speed allow you to reach all the way (round trip) within two hours long. However, it also can perform other activities related to nature as trackings through the rainforest that occupies most of the vegetation that is in the Canyon Sink. The fauna can be found along the canyon are countless species of birds, monkeys and crocodiles.

The Sumidero Canyon can do many activities

Photography by anjci

Crocodile in the Canyon Sink:

During the tour Sumidero Canyon, there are many spectacular places, such as several waterfalls that leap off the towering walls, a tiny cave where there is a Virgin of Guadalupe. Almost to the arrival of the power plant, is a spectacular waterfall that has created by the action of water which is called a Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Sumidero Canyon:

If you go to Sumidero Canyon with a local travel agency, you will also have a stop in the town of Chiapa de Corzo. This town, there is little tourist attraction, although it has a beautiful story that will be reflected in most tourist shops. Chiapa de Corzo was the first population of Chiapas colonized by the Spanish conquerors and served as their base for the conquest of the area. The most notable of Chiapa de Corzo is the main square with a fountain built by the settlers. It is said that during the Spanish conquest in Chiapas, ethnicity «chiapanenca» mass suicide by throwing himself made from the top to the bottom of the canyon to avoid being subjected to the conqueror, thereby also believed they reached freedom in the underworld. The importance and cultural symbolism of this canyon to the people of Chiapas are so large that its shape is the base coat of arms of the state of Chiapas.

Chiapas to the canyon

Photography by gripso_banana_prune

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