Sukhothai, historical and spiritual capital

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In Sukhothai, the nature and Buddhism converge and merge into one. Located 440 km north of Bangkok, the first capital of the Thai kingdom is today a place of exceptional beauty, where visitors feel the need to walk quietly to preserve the peace and grandeur of the place.

Sukhothai, historical and spiritual capital

Photography by plusgood

The ancient Sukhothai, founded in 1238 is the cradle of all civilization and the current sanctuary for millions of Theravada Buddhists. If Thailand is easy to see monks doing their daily tasks and walking on streets and roads in the ancient Thai capital hundreds of them are concentrated in a monastery next to the main lake, which runs at a rate of once daily life and spiritual residents.

Sukhothai to Tours:

Although the rental of motorcycles is increasing, the best way to visit the historical park is by bike. There are many rental businesses, next to the bus stop at the entrance of the central and hostels located next to the road. The price is 30 baht per day and is convenient to choose the right bike, since the archaeological park is great and the bikes are very simple and not very comfortable.


Photography by avlxyz

Ancient Sukhothai (photographs) was declared a UNESCO world heritage site and houses one of the most majestic places in the country, Wat Mahat. It is the largest monastery and defies the ravages of nature preserving the splendor of its architecture. Is the only enclosure, as the park is divided into five zones and save it and the Great Buddha, the rest are wide open.

The influence Khmer, Indian, Burmese and Mon reaches its full architectural splendor in Sukhothai. The traveler can get lost for hours in its roads and highways, where they share the daily activity of the population, with the massive statues of smiling Buddhas and temples entangled in the jungle.

Getting there:

The most popular option is to take the train from Bangkok to Pitsanulok and from there take a bus to Sukhothai, which is 80 kilometers. Depending on the train schedule, this route can be very hard and heavy, especially if it comes to Pitsanulok dawn. A good solution to avoid hours of waiting in a season full of mosquitoes is to pre-book accommodation in Sukhothai and also the transfer contract, which is more expensive than the bus, but worth it.


There are two options, sleeping in the area of New Sukhothai, about 15 miles Historic Park, where there is more variety of hotels and hostels, or to book reservations at the Old Sukhothai, where we walk to the ruins, in a much quieter, but with few hostels to choose from and no nightlife. If you choose the old city, we recommend Vittoon Guesthouse is a cozy family hostel clean, well, the treatment of the owners are friendly and attentive. The price is a little higher than in other businesses in the new town, the air-conditioned double room and breakfast costs about 11 euros.

New Sukhothai

Photography by Argenberg

Ojo! Do not forget insect repellent, because Sukhothai is a very wet because of the ponds. Bon voyage!

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