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Stress-free travel tips – Part I

I acknowledge that the title of this post is somewhat tricky, since it is virtually impossible to travel without some stress. And this is normal, this is a new experience, given the uncertainty of what will happen in the coming days. First, it is rare that all in one trip goes as planned. In fact, it often happens that the unexpected leads after some of the best stories of our trips, those situations that challenge us, they became mini adventures and solve knew so well. Second, not all stress is bad, because it also keeps us alert at a time when we have no margin for error.

Stress-free travel tips

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Therefore, a minimum desirable level of stress, but from here there are many levels of stress that we can ‘save’ and that do not provide a better travel experience if not the opposite: make us tense, bad mood, we become defensive and grumblers, and ultimately make us less enjoyable trip. Here are some tips to mitigate this type of negative stress. Take account of these points:

– Make the case in a single session, following the same order must sometimes. We all have a way of putting things in our suitcase, but not being aware of it, so it’s important to respect this order so we would not let anything out. It is also important that we take those clothes and objects that we like and we know that we will use safe, not to such newly purchased clothing or shoes that do not know if we will go well. If we liquids, or stash in sealed bags, and suffer not thinking if it has poured perfume all over your clothes. It is also advisable to pack in one sitting, since otherwise provides not remember what we have packed and what we need to place, which might leave us something at home.

– Pay more money when it’s worth. Sometimes we obsess so much to save in every detail of the journey we can experience great harm. For example, if we have spent several hundred dollars on the plane, it makes little sense that we walk skimping 5 euros to travel by bus instead of by train from the airport to the city, if we invest that much longer transport. We could be enjoying this time visiting things. Another example is that we spend one hour visiting restaurantes to see if we find the sumun of value for money, just get tired and late dinner. This is not to say that we should not compare a bit, mind you, but it must seek the balance between money and time / energy spent. Certain services can be arranged in advance as domestic air flights or hotels, and then take the time to find the best prices.

– If we lose, to look as stupid. If we lose completely, face it and do not suffer more than necessary. It is preferable to looking lost and helpless, as it is likely that someone becomes aware and give us your support. This is also effective to transport workers, these professionals impassive and experienced in a thousand questions that otherwise are not much given to offer their help graciously. Everyone knows that there are places and places … in Ireland you do not move a tab that appears and friendly people willing to help at any time. In contrast, in Russia say the opposite is true.

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