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cruise ships by the South American routes

Today we have prepared an article for those travelers who are close to coming to this part of the continent, which we have called, cruise ships by the South American routes. The following are the cruises that we recommend for your trip, these are:

Symphony Cruise:

South American season in full cruise ships whose port of departure or arrival to Buenos Aires on board offer a film experience, sports, theater galas, live shows and fine dining on the waters of the Atlantic. In addition, their destinations to the coasts of Uruguay and Brazil.

Living in the sea from the sea itself, with all the luxury on their backs. That is the proposal of the huge «floating cities» that do not stop coming to the cruise terminal renewed Quinquela Martin, located in Puerto Nuevo. For next season, 145 vessels will be recorded for 2010/11. Among the glamorous and exotic, floating giants invite you to an experience where there are many outstanding services and never lack of detail, fabulous dinners with the moon floating on the ocean, musical and theatrical shows on stages for over 1000 people, sports of all kinds in the esplanade of the boat, swimming pools, jacuzzis, massages and a host of relaxing treatments at the spa. Oh, and as if that were not enough, the unsurpassable beaches of Uruguay and Brazil.

Silver Wind Cruise:

The streets of Buenos Aires was «flooded» with 13,000 tourists suddenly again, and at one time. It is the balance of the arrival of just five vessels. The Infinity, the Delphin, the Silver Wind, Norwegian Dream and the Symphony have already made previous editions the sample of what it means landing one day, uncover something like a huge anthill. Among these giants, Costa and MSC to go stand in the warm Brazilian beaches, which means to taste the gastronomic delicacies of regional dishes with abundant passion fruit, immersed in the climate of the samba and inevitably spread the joy of Rio.

South America Cruise Travel

Most of these pleasure cruises depart from Buenos Aires or come to it, passing each other or together by the amazing landscapes of Uruguay and Brazil. Spectacular beaches are a requirement of all cruises: Rio, Santos and Porto Belho, Corcovado, Sugar Loaf and Copacabana everything. Alone or in pairs, you can enjoy a glass of champagne and throb with Brazilian music to start. Breakfast in the cabin or deck, and prepare to visit Salvador de Bahia, the fascinating Pelourinho and Mercado Modelo. Buy there some unique handmade pieces, and enjoy the stories of hundreds of churches that were built centuries ago. Then, it will be time dream for the white sand and refreshing swim in warm and clear waters. Salvador de Bahia, Buzios, Christ Redeemer, Ipanema, Blumenau, Ilha Bela, Arraial do Cabo, Ilehussiete … the list is endless, and always surprising.

Mediterranea Coast:

The Mediterranean coast is still host this 2010. One of the nine itineraries that provide an exit route from the proposed shipping terminal Buenos Aires to Punta del Este, and there continue the way north to visit the Brazilian coast, Porto Belo, Santos and Rio de Janeiro. In addition to its enormity, cruise holidays are synonymous with daily on the sea, and some of these are a real floating art gallery. Since there are already advanced and innovative ships in the cruise industry, the interiors of these vessels have been inspired by Italian palaces of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which abound in the Sicilian baroque medieval Siena, and the Venetian to neoclassical. Its central hall is devoted to comedy and Italian dance with a statue of 25 meters high and an exhibition of 48 photographs.

Itineraries & Packages:

In terms of cost, although the popular imagination is believed that these trips are for a very small, there are alternatives at rates similar to other types of travel, and more frequent.
Routes on the coast and those who depart from Buenos Aires, giving visitors to the shores of Punta del Este, Porto Belo, Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro and back to Buenos Aires, are available for U $ S 1.350 including taxes, all for 8 days.

Patagonia Package (14 nights) leaving from Buenos Aires, including Montevideo, Puerto Madryn, Punta Arenas, Ushuaia, Falkland Islands and back to Buenos Aires, has a value of U $ S 1950, promoting the third and fourth passenger, you only pay taxes.

Another option is the mini cruise, which offers out on March 15 and spend three nights on a visit to Uruguay, to Buenos Aires route, Punta del Este, Buenos Aires, for only U $ S 425.

Good Travel!

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