Shopping in Cardiff: things to consider

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This article is dedicated to all lovers of consumerism. Although Cardiff has great malls we will focus on «shopping» in a literal way and step by learning a little history.

Although Cardiff

Photography by Neil T

Cardiff is the capital of Wales and a relatively new city. Although its origins date back to the days when the Romans occupied Britain (first century), it was not until 1905 when it acquired city rights. Its modern development is due to the Bute family in the eighteenth century that built the docks and spent (invested) a fortune on it. This infrastructure, together with a favorable economic situation drove the growth of Cardiff through the mining and transport of goods.

During the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century Cardiff was the thriving industry of Wales. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and also was the turn of Cardiff. After the First World War came the first signs of a long decline. This was the second final after causing havoc in the city and especially after the cessation of the «patronage» of the Bute family. In 1955 Cardiff was chosen as capital of Wales. The crisis lasted several decades, 70 and 80 were hard. However, like the phoenix, the city again from the ashes thanks to a big project of 1987 to recover the waterfront and south of the city. The town has taken great effort award since Cardiff today boasts of a modern and dynamic city that attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Photography by Colin-47

Cardiff is one of the best shopping destinations in the UK. Its galleries offer ranges from Victorian to ultra modern facilities in an amalgam that combines the great brands we all know with the independent shops that sell almost everything. Basically the port area is completely new, modern buildings, new shopping malls, theaters, parliament… etc.

However, we will not talk about this modern side and we put our eyes on the so-called «Arcade» historic. The Arcadians are a series of covered arcades that come 1858 when the first one was built. Among them are shops, cafes and restaurants of all kinds. Needless to say, the most interesting thing to come to buy Cardiff is immersed in the arcades are usually used as art galleries, workshops and even as a fashion show.

Until 1790 there were only 25 stores that were nothing more than market stalls. In 1858 the company was created Cardiff Arcade Co. in order to increase the number of establishments for which devised the interior construction of commercial galleries. Thus was born the Royal Arcade. Built in 1858 is the oldest gallery in the streets and connects Cardiff The Hayes and St Mary Street.

Shopping Tips to consider:

Royal Arcade (1858)

The Morgan Arcade (1896), given his age, is perhaps the best-preserved galleries of the city. His unique style makes it also one of the most beautiful. His story begins in 1879 when the establishment opened David Morgan David Morgan & Co. in The Hayes Street. In 1898 he opened a second store in the extreme, St Mary Street, which was accessible through the gallery is now known as Morgan Arcade. The Morgan Arcade is parallel to the Royal Arcade and connected at its center.

Shopping in Cardiff

Photography by lhourahane

Morgan Arcade (1896)

High Street Arcade (1886) connects St. John Street to High Street and specializes in clothing, especially if what you seek is not very conventional.

High Street Arcade (1885)

Castle Arcade was built in 1887 and as its name suggests is situated not far from Cardiff Castle, specifically just cross the street to get from one place to another. It is characterized by an elevated walkway of wood painted red and white rising above the shops.

Castle Arcade (1887)

Duke Street Arcade is 1902. Despite its name suggests a noble origin is believed that it comes from 1550 when this became known as Duckstreet alley (street ducks) probably because at the time birds were sold here.

Duke Street Arcade (1902)

The arcade list does not stop there but we have seen the most interesting. Other historic arcades are Dominions Arcade (1921), between Queen Street and Crockherberton Lane and Wyndham Arcade (1887) between St. Mary Street and Mill Lane. With less than have the stale taste Queens Arcade (1994) between Queen Street and Working Street.

Let’s finish this article visit Central Market located between St. Mary Street and Trinity Street. This historic market first opened in 1891 and consists of two levels. The ground floor houses most of the businesses and from the «balcony» get a great view of everything that moves. This is a good place to look for fresh produce.

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