New Zealand the country of the great white cloud

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Endless green hills, virgin forests and endless beaches. Breathtaking scenery and paradise that we have released such films as «The Lord of the Rings» or «The Piano» However, discovers New Zealand not only allows you to enjoy nature in almost pure state, but also confronts the traveler with a culture and a very special way of seeing life.

New Zealand

Photography by Klomiz

A paradise between the Pacific and Antarctica:

New Zealand, surrounded by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and last piece of land before reaching the icy Antarctica, consists of over 700 islands among which are mainly two: the North Island, where the major cities, including Auckland and the country’s capital, Wellington, and South Island, the largest but least populated.

The flora and fauna are mostly exclusive to New Zealand. This is because the New Zealand territory has been isolated and devoid of human presence for more than 85 million years after their separation from the great continent of Gondwana. Early humans, Maori, and from the islands of Polynesia, arrived in New Zealand in the thirteenth century, making this area one of the last places in the world to be inhabited. They gave the new territory discovered the name of Aotearoa, which means «land of the great white cloud».

Currently living in New Zealand about 4 million people (and more than 50 million sheep!). Two thirds of the population lives in the North Island, and of these, half in the city of Auckland and its surroundings.

New Zealand of the country

Photography by extranoise

New Zealand is special:

In New Zealand in the south cold and heat in the north, at Christmas time is summer and August is winter, and Europeans seek in vain among the vastness of the starry night the bears major and minor. Over an area slightly larger than half of Spain, the visitor is offered the chance to discover golden sandy beaches, icebergs, deserts, volcanoes, steep fjords, alpine lakes and forests of ferns, which can reach up to 15 meters. And despite this, throughout virtually no poisonous species: there are no snakes or scorpions, or crocodiles or piranhas …

New Zealanders, who call themselves «Kiwis», love to spend their free time in nature. The name comes from a winged bird species not typical of New Zealand, which has become a symbol of the country and is in danger of extinction. All «kiwi» worth his salt has in his possession a car trailer and at least a small motor boat. On weekends, the whole family leads to the coast or one of the great lakes in central areas of the island, where camping, fishing or hiking do. Most New Zealanders are optimistic people, open and hospitable.

Major cities:

With over one million people, Auckland, both cultural and economic aspect, is the largest city and known in New Zealand. In the «City of Sails» abundant opportunities to practice all kinds of water sports. Princes in the port, you can rent boats or kayaks, take part in excursions to the islands of the Hauraki Gulf. The landmark of the city is, without doubt, the Skytower, whose 328 meters making it the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere. The more daring can do bungy jumping and showing their lack of vertigo jumping from a platform at 192 meters above the ground.

The city and known in New Zealand

Photography by gpoo

Walking through the streets of Auckland is an up and down continuously. From the top of the Skytower striking the perfect taper of the 60 mounds on which the city is built, which are nothing more than dormant volcanoes. A few meters away from the Skytower, in the heart, is the Queenstreet, the busiest shopping street in Auckland.

The capital, Wellington, wedged between the mountains and the sea, is the political, administrative and student of New Zealand. And, increasingly, a cultural stronghold, with a pulsating nightlife and a wide range of artistic, musical and theatrical performances. From Wellington Harbour the ferry that connects the north island south island. Although the city lies right in the zone of collision of two tectonic plates, with the consistent and constant threat of earthquakes, and severe and frequent storms from the Tasman Sea.

The best views of the city, especially at sunset, are from Mount Victoria Kelburn or from the station, which is reached by taking the «Cable Car», a small tram that is one of the most popular tourist attractions. In Wellington is the most visited museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. It offers detailed information on the nature and culture. And best of all: admission is free! The bustling nightlife in the multicultural neighborhood around Cuba Street and Courtenay Quarter.

We continue with the trip to New Zealand, on a trip where we see this country in the nature of a pure state.

The trip to New Zealand

Photography by kangotraveler

Forgetting civilization is easy in New Zealand. One of the largest uninhabited regions of the country are the fjords, in the South Island. One of the highlights is the path of Milford Sound: four days of hiking with a total distance of 55km to go. To avoid crowds of walkers in the cottages where you can spend the night, only allowing the passage of 30 people a day, which means that you must book well in advance. All forests are still virgins when it rains, which usually happens often in abundance, water works its way down the slope everywhere.

The Abel Tasman National Park is heaven for those who love the coast, from Wainui Inlet to Kaiteriteri vast stretch of golden sandy beaches in picturesque bays, separated from each other by rocky ledges or reefs. Here also is the possibility of doing a walking tour of 4 days, between forest and beaches, or you can choose one of the many water taxis.

Travel Tips in New Zealand

Photography by Hector Garcia

In the world there are only 3 glaciers leading to a forest, and two of them are in New Zealand (the third is in South America). Unfortunately, both Franz-Josef Glacier like Fox, have become less extent in recent years, but the sound of water slipping through the cracks and breaking the ice continues to amaze the visitor. To perceive in all its fullness the magnificence of these tongues of ice in motion, there is nothing better than taking part in a helicopter tour.

New Zealand of the country in the nature

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Useful information

For trips longer than 3 months, only need a passport with more than six months validity from the day of departure.

Biological control:
To protect the flora and fauna, is trying to prevent the introduction into the country of alien species or pests. Before passing through customs, you must submit a form which ensures that the passenger is not wearing any type of plant (including fruit or vegetables) or animals with them. New Zealanders put special attention to shoes or hiking equipment.

For New Zealand is not needed any kind of vaccine.

The currency of the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). The current exchange rate is about 1 € = 2 NZD.

In New Zealand the temperatures remain relatively constant for most of the year. The average ranges from 24 º C and 15 º C, while in central areas and in the mountains in winter (June to September) the thermometer often falls below 0 º C. The best time to visit is between October and March. Since mid-December to early February are the summer place. During these days it is recommended to book accommodation in advance.

Since New Zealand is a former British colony, they drive on the left. The maximum speed is 100 km / h road or highway and 50 km / h in town.

New Zealand: the country of the great white cloud

Photography by meemal

Bon voyage!

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