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Morocco is one of the most requested by those who live in Southern Spain, especially when it comes to short breaks of 4 or 5 days. Cities such as Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat and Chefchaouen have a special charm, and only the fact of immersing yourself in a culture so different, it is also so close to us, is something that draws much attention. Not to mention the possibility of losing their labyrinthine bazaars for shopping and bargaining power for what you want.

Perhaps our only mental obstacle can be safety, but nevertheless doing well prepared and informed, nothing has to happen. So today I decided to leave you some practical information for Morocco, so that you may know a little better:


Morocco is in the northwest of Africa, washed by both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic and bordering with Algeria to the east and the Western Sahara to the south. You know north, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar is Spain. Precisely that contact with Western Sahara to the south, makes the southernmost part of the desert country more than the North, very rugged and mountainous.

Documentation and Vaccines:

Passport will suffice if you’re Spanish and you’ll be less than 90 days. That yes, the passport must be valid for 3 months. As for vaccines, should not be any compulsory, although the WHO recommends the vaccine (depending on the area you go) of typhoid fever and tetanus.


Its currency is the Dirham, although given its proximity to our continent, you will also manage quite well with Euros.


The officer is Arabic, but the history of that area of the continent, you either have excessive trouble speaking French. Further inland, however, there are many dialects of the regions themselves.

Climate and Local Time:

Geography is also marking their temperatures. The south is very hot, more as we get closer to the desert, of course. In contrast, in the Mediterranean area are warmer climates.

As for the time in Morocco, follow the Greenwich Meridian time, so they are one hour behind us in winter and two summers (Spain).

Accommodation in Morocco

It is a country of contrasts, as you will see very cheap from small hostels to hotels in Morocco’s real luxury. The best resorts are in the Mediterranean cities, although this could be extended to the entire coastline, including the Atlantic. The accommodation in Marrakech is abundant, not in vain, is probably the most touristic city in the country. The same can be said about Casablanca Chefchaouen. Finally, the capitals, where in addition, if we are business, find hotels in Rabat for all budgets and needs.

Terre Resort and Spa -Marrakesh-Morocco por sophia.ferrai.

Cities to Visit:

Marrakech is one of the country’s most popular destinations. Imperial history, and lively, for its souks. It is fun and varied, not only can walk the fortified wall, but you can lose yourself in its various souks and enjoy admiring the many things there can sell. Also, do not miss the Jemaa el-Fna, where you can experience the real Moroccan life through the many shows that are offered there, and the intense life that late into the night moves in that place.

Casablanca: ais, Ingrid Bergman, Bogart … this city will always melancholy memories of that great movie. However, not as tourists, although it is the most populous city in Morocco. It also has large number of visitors that can be made, although in this case it was more of a cultural tourism. The Hassan II Mosque, Mohamed V Square or stroll through the neighborhood Habous are things we cannot lose.

Chaouen: is my favorite, no doubt. It’s something different, is charming and very welcoming. Their mazes of narrow streets, whitewashed houses, intensely white, and the wonderful contrast of all doors and windows painted blue, are really beautiful. We cannot miss the Grand Mosque The Masjid The Aadam, among other visits.

Rabat, the capital, which incidentally, is not as requested or as tourist as the previous three. City of mosques and medina, I recommend visiting and touring the medieval quarter of Uday, with manicured streets, painted houses, and a beautiful entrance to his old heart. Moreover, near the Kasbash there is a very bustling souk is worth visiting, especially in the afternoon.


We know too well in Spain, given the profusion of restaurants and places to eat. Know that is based mainly on mutton and chicken, and the cous cous. They prepare their dishes and spicy spicy. In addition, you should certainly try their delicious desserts with honey and nuts, and especially its famous Moorish tea.


Please note that profess another religion and customs. Be very respectful of their traditions. Their religion, you know, is the Islamist one.


Almost everything, really. It is a wonderful bargain and buy in its souks. Find from clothes to jewelry, but also ceramics, glass and carpets.

Good Luck!

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