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Those who decide to visit Mexico City, Mexico City, you will notice that you are facing one of the strongest cities in America. This is one of the most populated in the world (ninth) and the second in Latin America (after Sao Paulo, Brazil). Thus, as in any world capital, thousands of proposals, which include the likes of everyone: for those who enjoy knowing the history of the place, looking for fun or those who simply want to enter a different culture. To do this, there is like having your five senses on alert and be carried by the momentum of the place.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Photography by Esparta

With respect to when it is ideal to visit this capital, it must be clarified that, as throughout the country, the climate is excellent, mostly temperate all year round. However, during the months of June, July and until mid-December when there are more international tourism. So, depending on personal taste, either by the crowd or by the quiet, here are factors to consider. Once in the city, the important thing is to cover the most striking of the same.

In principle, stands the historic center, which is one of the most lively of the city, since it is a great economic activity and tourism. The most prominent, which is in the heart of this area is the Plaza de la Constitution, better known as the Zocalo.

Catedral Capitalina

Photography by El mundo de Laura

This is the main square of the city, considered the center of national identity and one of the largest in the world. Surrounded by the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace (seat of the Federal Executive Branch) and the building of the Federal District government (executive headquarters).

From the Zocalo you can go to the second most important square, Santo Domingo, it is the building that was headquarters of the Inquisition. Also from here you can reach through different streets, the Alameda, where you will find museums, buildings of great historical and architectural value, as well as options for entertainment (theaters, cinemas, restaurants, bars …).

As for parks, the larger the Chapultepec is a huge forest (he has a natural and an artificial one), where there is a beautiful natural environment, full of lakes, a botanical garden and zoo, but also cultural centers, museums, restaurants, cafes, amusement park, etc.. Thus through its various options, about four million people visit every month.

But Mexico City has more attractions. Divided into 16, some of which are noted for its rural, which preserve Mexican traditions such as Xochimilco. This is one of the major tourist sites, both nationally and internationally. Its main attractions channels, which are traversed in boats called trajineras.

For those who like to try new flavors, nothing better than to enjoy the typical food that is sold in the neighborhood. On the other hand, is in this town, Xochimilco Ecological Park, which is a World Heritage Site.

Also, the place takes a special color by the number of plants and flowers that abound, especially in the market next to the forest Nativitas. In this green space also can enjoy a day outdoors with family or friends. For the religious, it pays to know the parish of St. Bernardino of Siena (built in the sixteenth century by Franciscan missionaries, although the present building was established in 1590).

Another site of strong rural origin Tlahuac, where is the village of San Andres Mixquic, which is known worldwide for the celebration of Day of the Dead, festival that draws millions of tourists from around the world. A place to go with eyes wide open. On this date are filled hotels in Mexico.

Zocalo in Mexico City 

 Photography by mdanys

Enjoy your trip!

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