Meet and travel to Cairo

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Cairo is a bustling, chaotic city, whose charm and intrigue are marked by this disorder. Put aside your watch and calendar and enjoy the ride of this city, where you will!

The city of Cairo is long considered the jewel of the East, Cairo is an international city overflowing with the juxtaposition of different cultures. It is a city steeped in the principle of the civilizations of the ancient pharaohs. The Great Pyramids of Giza are tourist attractions in Cairo. But there are many lovely places to experience and explore, from the mosques of Islamic Cairo, Coptic churches of Cairo, or the Jewish community of Cairo. Be prepared for an extensive lesson in cultural history and religious education and cultural mix that have occurred in this fascinating city.

Meet and travel to Cairo

Photography by Bakar_88

Places to see:

Cairo, night view
Things to see and visit in Cairo
The pyramids of Giza have long been the favorite tourist attraction greater Cairo, but the rich texture religious history of this city, there are many attractions and areas of the city worth exploring.

The Pyramids of Giza
On the outskirts of Cairo, these pyramids are the only survivors of the Seven Wonders of the World. Admission to the Great Pyramids is limited to 300 people per day. 150 Tickets are on sale at 8 am, the remaining 150 are released at 1 pm.

Address: Western edge of Cairo, 10 km from the center of the city.

The Pyramids of Giza
Solar Boat Museum (at the Pyramids of Giza)
Houses Barques (boats) that are probably more used to bring the mummies
dead Pharaohs on the Nile to the temple in the tomb chamber.

Address: East side of the Great Pyramid

Travel Tips for Cairo

Photography by Peter Shanks

An-Nasir Aqueduct:
Built between 12 and 16 centuries, this vast, 5 km long stone structure was used to supply water to the citadel.

Address: Sharia Salah Salem, Al-Qalaa

Museum of Islamic Art
Overlooked this big museum one of the world’s best collections of Islamic Art.

Address: Sharia Port Said

There are a number of cuisines to choose from in all price range in Cairo. This is definitely not a place where you have to worry about going hungry. There are different types of neighborhoods in Cairo, the neighborhood, therefore, the location of each restaurant appears after direction. This will be important to know when taking a taxi.

The cafes in Cairo

There are two Western-style cafes and coffee shops of Egypt in Cairo. The tourists will feel more comfortable in the Western style cafes like the Egyptian traditional cafés are frequented only by men. Fishawi, the first listed coffee is a style of coffee which is frequented by all sorts of people.

The city of Cairo

Photography by Peter Shanks

Bars and nightlife:

There are two main types of bars in Cairo: Egyptian traditional style bars, known as «Cafes» and typical Western-style bars. Most large luxury hotels have nightclubs attached to them, and most of which are a safe bet for a good night. These are the best known: Pub 28, Le Tabasco, Jackie, Absolute, Cairo Jazz Club, Coco Jungle, Belly Dancing, Petit Palmyra.

Transport in the city of Cairo:

Cairo International Airport is 25 km northeast of downtown. There are two terminals: Terminal II is the new terminal and most of the services of international flights, while Terminal I, the old terminal, is the center of Egypt Air and has services to both domestic and international flights. There are large official taxis (called «limousine») that charge a flat rate of E £ 46 for a trip to downtown.

Taxis are cheap in Cairo, and that is how most tourists sailing in the city. It is important to set a price before getting in a taxi, and always do your haggling on the price.

Good trip to Cairo!

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