Malawi, one of the great places unknown

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Tourist attractions in Malawi

The African continent, the third in Asia behind Planet’s surface and America currently has 53 independent states with few dependent territories of European countries (France’s Reunion and Mayotte, St. Helena of Great Britain, Portugal Madeira, and Canary Ceuta and Melilla in Spain), another is disputed territory (Western Sahara). If most of us have asked us to quote on behalf of all African countries, is probably little we can list, at best, half or less, and would inquire chimeric by the respective capitals. That goes to show what Africa is unknown, even for seasoned travelers. One case of countries that have gone to be ignored is Malawi.


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Location to Malawi:

Malawi is located in the southern East African Rift in the heart failure. Its neighbors are Tanzania to the north, west and south-western Zambia, southern and eastern Mozambique. Lake Malawi occupies one third of the east of the country, this being one of the lake that make up the huge rift in the Rift. Between 1891 and 1964, the country was controlled by the British, the colony was known as Nyasilandia. Today the political system is a multiparty democracy in the form of a republic and a population of fourteen million. The official languages are English and Chichewa is spoken Chinyanja addition, chiyao, Chitumbuka, Lomwe, Ndali, senna, and Nyakyusa-Ngonde Kokol. The capital is Lilongwe International Airport where flights arrive a few from Europe. Much of the population is Christian, divided between Catholic and Presbyterian, a minority Muslim and animist substrate is sometimes coexists with the major religions. The economy is based on agriculture and some in the export of wood. You can say it is a poor country with a very low GDP, and short life expectancy, especially due to the large number of people infected with the AIDS virus. By contrast, the territory has some places of indescribable beauty and the people who inhabit it are very welcoming.

Attraction in Malawi:

One of the main attractions for tourists is the Nyika National Park. This park is located in the far north and comprises a plateau with an average altitude of about two thousand meters, oval eighty miles long by fifty wide. The flora and fauna are of great interest, as well as the landscape, the place has become a destination for trekking on foot. Another national park where trekking is usually Mulanje is located in southeastern Malawi. Mulanje massif is composed of many peaks, many of which exceed 2,500 meters and the highest reaches 3001 meters.

Tourist attractions in Malawi

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Lake Malawi also has its own national park, is an area south-east of Lilongwe and was created to preserve both the terrestrial environment of the lake as its waters. The fish fauna of the lake is exceptional, while the variety of species it has been compared to the Galapagos Islands. UNESCO declared World Heritage Park. The diving is incredible, both in the form of funds and the variety of fish and water transparency.

Liwonde National Park, located at the southern end of the lake is the best place to see large animals: elephants, hippos, rhinos and antelopes and other mammals, but there are no giraffes or lions.

Two other places worth visiting are the Zomba Plateau, also south of the lake and close to the border with Zambia, interesting for its mountain scenery. Near Lilongwe in southern opens a huge area with rocky hills known as Chongoni. The treasure hidden here are 127 caves and shelters where cave paintings are preserved glimpse into the life of the ancestors of the people of Malawi. This set has also been declared Unesco World Heritage.

Malawi Travel Tips

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Many choices await us in Malawi tourism!

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