Las Vegas: A challenge to reason in the wilderness

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Once again, the city of Las Vegas reinvents luxury and style to maintain its status as Sin City. At this great American metropolis no longer comes to play in their casinos, but also to enjoy some of the shops, restaurants and most exclusive events in the world. The changes in this city are occurring at breakneck speed.

Las Vegas: A challenge to reason in the wilderness

Photography by Peter Shanks

The game is not their main source of income: Earnings from hotels, restaurants, shops and shows it well above.

On the ruins of themed casinos are built design buildings like City Center complex by renowned architect Norman Foster. On the Strip, the main avenue of more than six miles, there are hardly any pre-1995 buildings.

But it still remains possible to shop around half the world, from the Eiffel Tower of Paris-Las Vegas hotel to the skyscrapers of New York-New York.

The essence of this city built in the desert of Nevada is living within its spectacular casinos. For the slot inside colorful characters pass: retired couples, honeymooners, Asian executives of high standing. One of the most exclusive, for example, play a card of $ 25 at the blackjack table while the waitress serves you a Martini.


Photography by dcwriterdawn

The legend of Las Vegas was forged in the Downtown, when the Strip was nothing but a lonely place of Route 91. In the 30s of the twentieth century began construction, 48 kilometers from the city, Hoover Dam, 227 feet high, built to carry water to the desert.

Not long after he began to meet the most pressing needs of those workers with long hours: Alcohol, sex and gambling. Also, gangsters like Bugsy Siegel were attracted by a lucrative business that was legal at that time. From then until now.

Las Vegas has 19 of the 25 largest hotels in the world and, as a result, is also the city that has more hotel rooms across the globe.

One of the most majestic is, without doubt, the Megacenter, formed by the adjacent Palazzo and Venetian, totaling more than 7,000 rooms. Some rooms are more massive on the top floor of Caesars Palace, with 2,400 square meters including private pool, virtual golf room, elevator and exclusive packages to the service. Only suitable for very deep pockets.

If we talk about the game, the Las Vegas metropolitan area has more than 20,000 slot machines, about one for every ten inhabitants. The most expensive of them is located in one of the private rooms of the Wynn hotel. Pull the lever costs $ 10,000 per game.

Let's Roulette

 Photography by Stratosphere Hotel & Casino

Anyone can get married in this city if you have 18 (or 21 if your alcohol level is high) and $ 50 at any time and in the most extravagant one comes to mind. More commonly marriage dress Elvis Presley, but at Caesars Palace can do escorted by two centurions as witnesses. Those with haste can marry without leaving the car Nearly all world-class brands have a place of business in this U.S. city, most located on the Strip, its main avenue. Buy in Las Vegas can be considered a full-time activity. Many other stores are located in shopping centers installed in the interiors of the casinos. The Wynn Esplanade, the hotel of the same name, has some of the most exclusive shops (Chanel, Ferrari, Oscar de la Renta, etc.). A paradise for lovers of consumption.

Las Vegas the center of the world fun!

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