La Manga – Spain

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La Manga del Mar Menor has a peculiarity that in a few places you can experience. Sitting between two seas, able to look sideways and see the Mediterranean and then look back for the saltwater lagoon of Mar Menor.

La Manga

Photography by Buxo

It is not surprising because in the past other civilizations also valued the benefits of its geography. The earliest traces of civilization in the surroundings of Mar Menor dating from the Palaeolithic, although the settlements which have more information and have been found more traces are Roman and Arabic times.


One of its attractions is the warmth of its waters, the average temperature is 17 º C and the water can be 30 ° C in summer and even reach 36 º C in the shallower areas. This makes it a sea enjoyed by both children, because they can play without the danger of currents and also for older people, which also recommend the bath water salinity, higher than the Mediterranean.

Surroundings in La Manga:

The massive and uncontrolled construction is also a feature of the Manga, but thanks to protests from environmentalists and awareness, it appears that urbanization is slowing down to avoid getting to this place, rich in wildlife.

The vegetation is very peculiar and sand and mud house Chlorophyceae meadows, a species adapted to marine life and so is not as abundant in other lakes. But the most precious of all inhabitants of funds from the Mar Menor is undoubtedly the tasty shrimp in the lagoon, a native variety much sought after by fishermen, it reaches very high prices in the market.

Staying in hotels in La Manga del Mar Menor allows us to enjoy the calm and the sea in low season and be on the beach in summer, when lives in La Manga are encouraged by the arrival of hundreds of tourists. Both Murcia and Cartagena are in La Manga del Mar Menor populations a second home to escape the hot summer months of Murcia.

Cabo de Palos:

Near La Manga, is the town of Cabo de Palos. A fishing village nestled between a cliff and a small bay, where sea breathing puffs. Although it has grown due to tourism, most buildings are low and the village retains its marine environment with cobbled streets and whitewashed walls looking at the horizon which is the ubiquitous Mediterranean heaven.

La Manga - Spain

Photography by IHQ

Cabo de Palos you can not leave without sampling a delicious cauldron. In the harbor promenade there are numerous restaurants offering a wide variety of rice, but the native, who really can not lose is the cauldron. This is a tasty fish stew with rice and a number of ingredients that give a delicious flavor.

Good trip to La Manga!

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