Hiking and scuba diving in Corsica

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To enjoy Corsica, the best time is outside the high season. The island is much nicer without the crowds and also the temperatures are also more pleasant than during the hot summer months.

Hiking and scuba diving in Corsica

Photography by CdePaz

The island fell in love since ancient as the Greeks saw it called it ‘Kallisté’, the most sublime, the French are not far behind and called Ile de Beauté. This mix of cultures, joined the Corsican language, an officer in the island next to France, which is reminiscent of Tuscany and also many variants of place names immortalized which was once the greatness Genoese in the Mediterranean.

In Corsica you can enjoy breathtaking scenery a few miles from urban centers. The wild spirit of the island is perfect to relax and enjoy nature and open spaces.

Historically, the island of Corsica, in front of the Costa Azul, shared history and tradition of Italy and France, although France since 1768. It was always said that Corsica has many personalities, but undoubtedly the world’s most renowned Corsican Napoleon Bonaparte.

scuba diving in Corsica

Photography by daik+

The island is one of the least exploited in the Mediterranean, perhaps precisely because it is little known and even tourists who visit can not be considered mass, even in summer.

Its cities and towns:

Highlights its major cities Ajaccio and Bastia, the towns on the coast and Calvi, Porto Vecchio, Propriano, pans and more than 320 villages full of charm.

What can you do in Corsica?

– The green routes are very impressive, run both inside and along the coast, discovering deserted pristine beaches. Highly Recommended Du Mud beach! Of course, you have to stick a good two hour walk.

– The port of Saint Florent is a lovely spot for an aperitif or a light dinner at the local bars. You can not forget to taste the wines of the island in one of the bars of the square Doria.

– The goat cheese is a gastronomic delight of Corsica, and served with wine and tapas local deli is really exquisite.

– Scuba diving is an attraction of the island, as the beautiful sea bottoms are lightly exploited and suffer not divers concentrations that do occur in other parts of the Mediterranean.

– Legend has it that the name of its capital, Ajaccio, dates back to the mythical Greek hero Ajax. It is the seat of the Territorial Assembly of Corsica and southern capital of the department. It is the largest city in the island. It is quite remarkable as a whole, but you can not miss a stroll through the historic center and a visit to Fesch Museum, where there are real treasures painting by Titian, Veronese, Botticelli or Fra Bartolomeo.

Discover the main attractions of this mountainous Mediterranean island where the sea and mountains merge into a unique and privileged landscape full of contrasts.

Just two hours by plane from most European capitals, discover the exoticism of this mountainous island of Mediterranean culture and with an exceptional climate. Water temperature can swim from mid May to mid-October around a landscape fully preserved. Between sea and mountain, its highest peak is Monte Cinto of 2,710 m. Corsica has six nature reserves to preserve its rich fauna and flora. Only Corsica Regional Nature Park covers one third of the island.

Island of Mediterranean

Photography by Jaume Meneses

Good Luck!

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