Halong Bay in Vietnam

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Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful parts of Southeast Asia. Named a World Heritage Site since 1994, has dealt with over 3000 islands and islets in 1500 sq km in the bay where the dragon has lasted millions of years of erosion, water and wind action. Is this as a place where you can sail under a romantic spot that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Photography by gregw66

Islands of Halong Bay:

Halong Bay is a huge place full of places (almost) virgin you can enjoy the type of trip you have chosen to get to Halong Bay.

How to get there and see Halong Bay?

At least there are two ways to visit Halong Bay (if other please ask that the comment at the end). The first and easiest is to go to a travel agency in Hanoi and hire a tour to go to Halong Bay. The second alternative is to get to Cat Ba Island and from there hire a tour to get to Halong Bay in what at first appear the travel agencies.

The option of booking your trip to Halong Bay from Hanoi is the most convenient option if you have time, or if you want to go in comfortable boats and have no setbacks with buses or hotels. Stress that is possibly also the cheapest option and from any hotel or travel agency you hire. The options here are numerous, from making a 1-day excursion to Halong Bay and back, to sleep a day cruise, or sleep a day cruise and one in a hotel in Cat Ba Island Among other alternatives are some of the deals being offered from Hanoi.

How to visit Halong Bay in the least tourist?

The second option is the most adventurous and has to go to Cat Ba Island to go into Halong Bay. Reach Cat Ba is not easy, you should hire a bus to Hai Phong is the city from where ferries to the island of Cat Ba. If you want to do this route, you must purchase bus tickets Hoang Long Company leaving Hanoi, Hai Phong and go up there take a ferry to Cat Ba Island, where a bus will pick us up and leave us in the center Cat Ba City across the whole island, is a total trip of about 5 hours. We should note that bus schedules Hoang Long Company leave at 8, at 10, at 14 and 16 hours, although there may be cancellations for any reason. Cat Ba is an island not too touristy, though many Vietnamese spend summer in it, therefore, the tours will lead us to hire fewer people or even be possible to hire a tour just for us.

The town of Cat Ba’s might describe as a small town facing the sea with skyscrapers and neon lights on that as you go deeper into the streets you realize it’s a fake city is disappearing as asphalt and is emerging vegetation of this island with a stunning natural park. Another curiosity of the town of Cat Ba is that possibly there are more people in the floating city that is hundreds of meters into the sea than in the same city, is a spectacular ride through the city by boat, I recommend.

Tourism of Halong Bay

Photography by yunguyen666

Thien Cung Cave Halong Bay:

Thien Cung Cave has a legend associated with it is said that the young May (cloud) Dragon Prince fell in love, got engaged and her wedding lasted seven days and seven nights in the middle of the grotto. In honor of the wedding small dragons flew between stalactites and stalagmites, elephants, two stone lions and snakes danced happily. The genius of the stars of North and South went to the banquet and the party was great. All these scenes were fossilized in the grotto. As you can see this cave is very spectacular.

Thien Cung Cave Halong Bay

Photography by JoeDuck

Last trip back to Cat Ba:

On the way to the town of Cat Ba, one can see the five beaches that the island of Cat Ba and its hotels, so we conclude that Cat Ba is not the best place to enjoy the beach, but there are bridges very certainly interesting offer beautiful views of the first islands of Halong Bay.

So we finished our virtual tour to Halong Bay in Vietnam!

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