Getaway to La Coruña

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La Coruña has many treasures for themselves and are worth a trip, but if we add the delicious Galician cuisine is an indispensable event and perfect for a couple of days off.

Getaway to La Coruña

Photography by jl.cernadas

It is the second largest city in Galicia, but still, and although it has the highest population densities of the peninsula, is a small town you can visit at a leisurely pace on a weekend.

The Tower of Hercules:

The first of its treasures is a real privilege. In La Coruña can visit the only Roman lighthouse has survived to this day and therefore the oldest in the world. Known as The Tower of Hercules, the legend that his name is because the same Hercules reached the waters surrounding the tower and there buried the head of the giant Geryon, after defeating him in combat. There are numerous references to the mythological origin of the tower, some of them even in the Irish mythological cycle.

As indicated by the inscription at the foot of the tower and other documentary references of the time on Brigantium (Roman name was given to La Coruña), there was the lighthouse at the time of Trajan, so that its construction dates back to the second century AD

During the Middle Ages, the lighthouse lost its marine and went on to become a fortress tower.

Windows looking out to sea:

With more than 2000 years of history, it is logical fusion of styles and archaeological remains that come together in this Galician city, from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Celts and presence Romanesque, Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings in the old town.

Perhaps one of the features that are most appealing to visitors are the windows of the modernist buildings from the seafront, Maria Pita Square and the streets of Old Town, a very good reason to call the «City of Glass.»

The heroine Maria Pita:

The life of Mary Major Heroin Coruña Fernández Pita House is very much in the city and the naming of streets, squares (the Hall) and even hotels.

Maria Pita has gone down in history for standing up for La Coruña in 1589 against the English navy led by the pirate Francis Drake. When the British began the assault on the town, Maria Pita killed the lieutenant who directed the attack, beginning a heroic act that led him to be one of the most beloved historical figures and respected in the city. It is said that this took place to the cry of «He who has honor, follow me», which demoralized the British troops and caused its withdrawal, nothing more and nothing less than 20,000 British.

Maria Pita La Coruña

Photography by jl.cernadas

In fact one of the hotels with the best views of the city is the Meliá María Pita, located in the same promenade overlooking the beach and Orzán Riazor. It is a hotel four stars with very good service, although it is somewhat dated decor, but their views are worth it. If you decide to stay at it, ask for a room overlooking the sea. In addition is a 10 minute walk from the historic center, and lets you move comfortably through the city.

Two recommendations for eating well:

Galician octopus eating cooked in the traditional way, the best place is the shop O’Fiuza. And beware! Better to go in good time for not running out the delicious delicacy, because sourcing the octopus fishing themselves and sometimes ends early. It is a «pulpurería» and only serve part of octopus sausage. Therefore, the ideal is going to take a ration of octopus with Riveiro White House and then continue the route.

Gastronomy de la Coruña

Photography by ebifry

Nearby, in the same street and only a few meters away is the restaurant «Manda Truco.» It is not very large, only a dozen tables and a bar that occupies much of the establishment. It can enjoy the best Galician seafood and other delicacies over land as a tuna and onion pie really delicious.

Surrounded by an ocean:

A Coruña is built on a peninsula and the sea is present in the city wherever you look. One of its peculiarities is that the principle can disorient you to watch again and again and the sea in opposite directions, as if on a small island, but in this case it is a peninsula surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Enjoy your trip to La Coruña!

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