Galicia paradise in the North West of Spain

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Galicia paradise in the North West of Spain

Galicia, is simply one of the most picturesque areas of Spain, this is magnet attracting the coldest places in Europe where tourists from these areas really notice the change in climate, vegetation, atmosphere and charm of his worldly nightlife and the quiet charm of the villages in the interior.


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Characteristics of Area:

Galicia is composed of four sub provinces, A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra, and the cities of Vigo and Ferrol. The capital of the region is the beautiful city of Santiago. The population is sparse, which is approximately three million people, they live mostly in coastal regions has about 100 inhabitants per square kilometer, which is much higher than the Spanish average.

Galicia really have much to offer, it’s clean, green, offers a pleasant climate during the spring and summer, the coast is quite spectacular with its picturesque villages and small ports along its vast coastline.

Galicia paradise

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The meadows and orchards abound in this idyllic part of Spain. Driving around the countryside and coastline is a real treat with fantastic views from almost every corner of the province. Coastal areas offer a great contrast to most of the best beaches in Spain found in this area.

There are an astonishing number of 105 blue flag beaches in Galicia near the highest number anywhere in mainland Spain and the Islands. These beaches regularly win awards for its natural beauty that shows pure, clean, sea and sand quality. There are many beaches with too many qualities to list here, although some of the most outstanding would Estorde Beach, Longesteira beach with soft white sand beach and the famous San Francisco located at the mouth of the river walls and Noi.

On the other end of Galicia is the dangerous cliffs and wild areas, they are particularly on the Costa de la Muerte, located on the northwest coast of Galicia. This is where a band of fishermen risk their lives in hunting barnacles found in the rocks by the sea, this crustacean is one of the most wanted and appreciated seafood. Barnacles are a delight to the palate like explained in Spanish cuisine.

Galicia paradise in the North West of Spain

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One of the site visit is the Cathedral of Santiago in Santiago de Compostela. The Cathedral of Santiago is the goal of a long pilgrimage road that comes along northern Spain, from France. Thousands of people each year walk the Camino de Santiago, not just religious believers make the pilgrimage, but there are many people looking for something different, or perhaps to get in touch with God. The Cathedral is a baroque masterpiece and the city has in it a sense of magic to the setting of stones everywhere and small streets that go around cities to the old town. For its part La Coruna has the oldest lighthouse in the world that is still still in service, since Roman times, the Tower of Hercules is a witness to all ships entering the bay and has been a guide for all marine vessels for centuries. It is also one of the most important fishing ports in Europe.

One of the prettiest towns in Galicia would be O Grove, located in the heart of the Rias Baixas, about 25 kms west of the Galician capital of Pontevedra. O Grove is one of the many Galician fishing villages, and due to its location on the eastern side of the peninsula is facing the continent that protects it from the tidal force of the Atlantic Ocean. It has a soft intimate charm that presents itself to visitors, there are many warm and friendly hotel in O’Grove including a fine selection of restaurants and tapas bars to suit all tastes and budgets and most of them have one thing in are common seafood in all parts of the coast these marine products are fresh. Of course, if you’re a fan of seafood, then surely Galicia is a must. Here is served without a doubt the best tasting and freshest seafood anywhere in Spain, this service is done in almost all restaurants and tapas bars serving this local delicacy in some form or another. The area of the Rias Baixas is the largest producer of seafood in Spain with crabs, mussels, clams, cockles, lobsters, barnacles and oysters all in abundance and a good price, it really warrants a good product is that it serves almost the sea to the table.

The gastronomy of Galicia

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The cuisine has a great reputation in this part of Spain and other dishes include Empanada Gallega (a typical pie of fish or meat) and traditional sweets some of which are prepared in the monasteries. Walking the beaches in the area at low tide, it is easy to find cockles, clams, shrimp and small crabs. Be careful not to get and fill a bag to take them because this practice is not allowed.

Galicia with its regions as Monterrey, Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro and Valdeorras, produces some of the finest wines in both red and white, they fall very well especially when accompanied by a plate of seafood. I would recommend a visit to Grove for seafood, there is even a seafood festival in October that between 6 to 15, however it is advisable to make sure you book your hotel in Grove, because for those dates received thousands of visitors from across Spain and indeed in other parts of the world to come for this coveted fantastic cuisine at the fair where you can taste all kinds of fresh seafood that the area produced at very low prices.

Galicia to fantastic cuisine

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Galicia is a paradise to discover!

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  1. tim Says:

    Its good to see a post about Galicia. This year is the 800th anniversary of the Cathederal so its a great year to visit. Visits to the Costa da Marisco is a must for seafood lovers but I have to disagree that its cheap. Maybe it was five or so years ago but I wouldnt visit Galicia thinking its a budget holiday place because it isnt. Public transport connections are bad. If you want to see the best bits of the coast line (Costa da Morte) you need a car. I Can recommend, Correbedo, Barona, Carnota, Traba… all ares of oustanding natural beauty and have great beaches. The population is sparse but there are definetly more people on the coast in Pontevedra because, Pontevedra city, Vigo and perhaps O´Grove are well populated. Galicia wine (Mencia, Ribeiro)is also good with red meats but definetly the whites are the best accompaniment to seafood anywhere in the world. So I`m writing this because I have a blog about Galicia see ( Whta wasnt mentioned in the article are the village festivals that are at the heart of Galician Culture, I try to list the best ones on the blog.

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