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Galapagos Islands Hotels

Mired in the idea of visiting new places and meet more effectively the world we live, we face the prospect of finding a new direction, and what better than the Galapagos Islands, which are outlined as one of the best options for Nature lovers and for those who want to exploit fitness activities such as diving, hiking and other activities that have always characterized by a high dose of freedom in their development. Located about 950 miles from Ecuador, these islands are a paradise lost of those who dream to share with wild animals in every sense of the word.

What I can do things on my visit to the Galapagos?

There are a variety of activities that can be made during our visit to the Galapagos Islands, so we can do boat tours around, diving into the 70,000 square feet enabled it, and also tour the National Park created by the government of Ecuador in Galapagos where we can go a route pre-established by the guards to respect the lives of animals, their environment and avoid problems with steep roads and unfriendly courts, which sometimes can play tricks on visitors unaccustomed to attending the park.

Galapagos Islands Hotel

Natural parks in Galapagos

Diving takes on new significance in our experience in the Galapagos, as indeed can coexist with many species, over 300, include for example where brightly colored fish, other sharks, hammerhead sharks, sea anemones, corals, jellyfish, snails, crabs , barnacles, among others.

It is also feasible Naturalist Guides, where he earns a lot in education and culture, because the very government of Ecuador has been concerned to develop a whole program that shows what it means for the world Galapagos and Ecuador by making it possible to keep it fully booked natural predators or even humans.

Another interesting activity is to visit the Charles Darwin Station, there are seen with the naked eye the beautiful Galapagos tortoises, among other things, seeking to achieve fully operational show an island that is emerging as a living laboratory between us. Besides going to the station above, we can be in the beautiful beaches and cited, which highlights Tortuga Bay on Santa Cruz, Ochoa San Cristobal Island, Espumilla Marchena Island, Playa Negra in Isla Floreana, including All are part of the complex course of the Galapagos Islands.

Hotels and accommodations according to the Galapagos Island to visit:

Santa Cruz – Galapagos:

A place full of entertainment, from youth hostels to great hotels, so we recommend a visit for the opportunity to scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, biking, among others.

• Hotels in Ecuador and on the island first class here vary in price from 125-260 dollars per night in single rooms, U.S. $ 155-290 double and triple rooms available from about $ 185-320
• First Class Hotels: Hotel Red Mangrove Inn, Silberstein, Finch Bay Hotel, Royal Palm, Sun and Sea, Grand Lobo del Mar
• The mid-range accommodations have an average value between about $ 35 for single and $ 90 per night for triple, approximately
• Midrange Hotels: Castro, Estrella de Mar, Fiesta, Lily of the Sea Palms, Turtle Bay, Sir Francis Drake
• The economic Accommodation present values ranging from 20-30 dollars per person per night
• Cheap Hotels: Darwin, Spain, Flamingo, La Peregrina, Friends, New Elizabeth, Santa Cruz.

Isabela – Galapagos:

A beautiful place full of life as each of the corners that characterize the Galapagos island, however visitors should expect fewer hotels in Santa Cruz Island, although this time change will have the chance to walk the sandy streets Isabela and still find the hotel or accommodation that fits the bill, from cabins to a first-class.

• The first class hotels here range in price from 35-90 dollars a night in different rooms
• First Class Hotels: La Casa de Marita Hotel.
• The mid-range accommodations have different values, however interested parties should verify the charges because the charges have changed and there is no existing precedent as to give an estimate
• Midrange Hotels: Hosteria Isabela del Mar, Hotel Tero Real.
The present economic Accommodations values ranging between 5 and $ 10 per person per night
• Cheap Hotels: Hotel Loja.

San Cristóbal – Galapagos:

Hotels in Galapagos Islands

This is the capital of all the Galapagos Islands, so that all visitors must be done one time in the narrow agenda to meet her. Here are accommodations of all types, so there are no problems in that paragraph, but also is a school and for those who want to stay restless for a couple of years, and incidentally to do so aware of the beautiful treasures and wildlife present on the site.

• The first class hotels here range in price from $ 65 night single, $ 75 double and triple rooms available from about $ 88
• First Class Hotels: Orca, Don Jorge
• The mid-range accommodations have values that have not been checked lately, which is why the tourists shall be quoted with themselves in charge of the hotels that we discuss below
• Midrange Hotels: Cactus, Chatham, Mar Azul
• The economic Accommodation present values ranging from 5-8 dollars per person per night
• Cheap Hotels: San Francisco.

Floreana – Galapagos:

The experience of visiting Floreana is only comparable to the experience of being an «Adam and Eve from the new world», so tourists must get used to stories of pirates, buccaneers, political, and few other visitors have had the opportunity to live the mystery and history that surrounds this mystical island that only has one hotel, the «Wittmer, where the owners are very friendly and willingly inform you who you want for each of the entertaining anecdotes and stories surround the island.

Those interested in staying at the Wittmer should consult directly with the administration of housing costs to stay the night there, since they do not have public records of the current rates of establishment.

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