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Travel the world: interesting destinations to choose

martes, marzo 1st, 2011

The following are some of the places that you should not miss to see the world. If you are about to make a trip to some of these places mentioned below, will hand information of what to expect when arriving at your particular destination.

Recover from tourism

Photography by szeke

From Colombia, Nepal or the streets of Croatia to the events as the Chinese New Year or Spring Music Festival in Barcelona are some of the destinations and events that may be interested. (más…)

Discover the island of Skye in Scotland

miércoles, diciembre 15th, 2010

The Isle of Skye is an island in northwest Scotland, and should be a mandatory check point for all visitors from Scotland who have enough time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this island.

Discover the island of Skye in Scotland

Photography by Graham Lewis (Grinner)

Visitors who arrive by car to the island of Skye, we recommend going through the beautiful castle of Eilean Donan, following the A87, which is located a few kilometers from the bridge linking Scotland with the Isle of Skye from Kyle’s population of Lochalsh. (más…)

Bruges the most tourist cities

domingo, diciembre 5th, 2010

Bruges is one of the most tourist cities of Belgium and with good reason. While walking through Bruges one could move to the Middle Ages without much difficulty, if not for groups of visitors that pass back and forth in nationalities, colors and languages.

Walking Bruges

Photography by mararie

Bruges is a small town. We can reached by road, train or bus. Is very close to the North Sea, so it’s interesting approach to coastal communities and discovers the Belgian seaside resorts, such as totally opposed to the mass of cement buildings and the Mediterranean. The climate is perhaps one of the main causes of the Belgian coast has been preserved with some criterion, leaving rows and rows of dunes are constantly moving in front of the beach and more distant low buildings (except in a few urban core ), just three floors the highest, and most one-storey houses. (más…)

Cycle Route in Barcelona

domingo, octubre 31st, 2010

If you have not ever visited Barcelona, biking love you and if you already know, view it on two wheels will offer a fresh perspective and a very different kind of mobility.

The bicycle lanes in Barcelona

Photography by notarivs

The good weather in Barcelona encouraged to enjoy the city on the street. We have many options one of them is the Puente de Todos los Santos. To do this we propose a route to make a broad sweep, through the hot spots and resort strip of sea. (más…)

Knowing the Barrio Alto in Lisbon

viernes, octubre 8th, 2010

In Lisbon there are many cities to discover and transported from the Bairro Alto, Alfama is a comparison of contrasts that is worth enjoying. To start an interesting tour of the Bairro Alto, it is imperative to have a panoramic view of the city and to achieve this, the elevator de Santa Justa is undoubtedly the most spectacular balcony overlooking Lisbon.

Tour of the Bairro Alto

Photography by cheeseburguer720

This elevator turned into a monument and the architect of many photographs, makes it almost impossible not to get a beautiful view of Castillo de San Jorge, the Alfama, the Baixa and the Delta in an instant. More precisely is the junction between the vertical street of the same name and the square Baixa do Carmo in the Bairro Alto. (más…)

Rioja Wine Tour

miércoles, agosto 25th, 2010

Few landscapes are as attractive as the vineyard at the time of harvest. The field, full of vines heavy with grapes, the place you live the work of the baskets, wheeled … etc. The air is filled with an odor typical of the vineyard (vine and grape), which competes with the soothing aromas of pine and slightly sour scent of wild herbs. Then, in the cellar, the intensely fruity aromas are shown where the fermentation and intoxicates you.

Rioja Wine Tour

Photography by biskuit

Logroño, the capital of wine

A route through the medieval origins of this item on the Camino de Santiago, this is full of legends and mysteries like the squares on the snakes and ladders drawn in the Plaza de Santiago. Beyond its mysteries, the city invites the pilgrim Rioja recover strength and celebrate the beginning of the harvest. (más…)

The route German fairy tales

viernes, julio 2nd, 2010

One of the oldest tour of Germany, which connects more than 70 cities, and that thread is the wonderful countryside that inspired the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, the famous writer of fables and fairy tales.

Market Place in Bremen

Photography by reiner.kraft

It is a journey through Wonderland, by the route German fairy tales from Bremen to Hanau. It is one of the oldest holiday routes in Germany. This road connects with more than 70 cities, communities and administrative districts of the world the fantastic stories of the tales, sagas, myths and legends that the Brothers Grimm to write throughout his life. (más…)

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