Cajamarca and the Incan Baths

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Photography by morrissey

You are going to the mountains of Peru, do not decide the specific location you will visit, you think will be a hard choice, of course it is. However, look at a guidebook at the airport and read: The Inca Baths. You wonder if that can exist, if that ancient Inca culture that spread across South America may have done in a city the center of relaxation, which is enjoying their hot-water baths. Read carefully: Cajamarca, where the land until Atahualpa traveled during his reign to be a therapeutic bath. You choose, this will be your destination.

Parties to Cajamarca, the first thing you think is that you will get a bath and then thoroughly know every place of this city. You arrive and you know right where Atahualpa, the last of the famous Inca empire Tahuantinsuyo, rested and then return to their struggles and victories. See the pool of the Inca, which measures four feet long and four feet wide and has a depth of one meter seventy centimeters and where water from the subsoil were the largest source of relaxation for the most important man in those days. Surprised by the discovery of this marvel as far back and you also want to do the same, while you give the last look at the steam that emerges from the water. Then do not you think more and decide to rest.

Baños del Inca

Photography by morrissey

Now you are going with new force to Cumbemayo, where you have said there is no greater pleasure of the eyes to see the sunset from their peaks and where a forest of stone that simulate upright friars, and the locals have called «frailones» and which are huge carved stones Cajamarca convince you that was your best option in the Peruvian highlands. Late afternoon and just starting to see the hidden and fascinating orange sky, while far away realize caves, places where you explain then there are prints, drawings ancestral. But it’s too late to go there.

The following days you wake up still believing that what you saw is a dream and the only thing you can do is learn more dreams to understand that reality is cohabiting with the wonders continue to discover that the passage of time has left us. You follow your path to the Windows of Otuzco, where square or rectangular cavities train rocks finished building the image and simulate ancient houses. You can also visit the Rescue Room, where the Inca Atahualpa remained his last days and maybe that is enough to think that this was not a dream.

Cajamarca and the Incan Baths

Photography by Peter Shanks

Good luck!

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