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Brazil travel tips

When we travel there are some data that we overlook, either through ignorance because tourists novice regarding air travel, it’s always good to take some precautions or tips that you mention it and then hope to clear any doubts on your flight, as well get started:

Domestic flights:
Passengers can take 20 kg of baggage in economy class and 30 kg in the executive or first class. In regional lines, the limit is 10 kg for aircraft with a maximum of 20 seats and 20 kg in aircraft with more seats.

Charges for excess baggage in general, correspond to 1% of the promotional rate. On regional flights, the type of small aircraft is 2% of the tariff and for aircraft larger than 1%.

International flights:
The relief varies according to country of destination. For the United States and South Africa, are two volumes, each with dimensions (sum of length, width and height) of up to 158 cm and maximum weight of 32 kg. These rules do not apply to the baggage of children under two years are not entitled to relief, or for transporting pets.

In case of loss or damage:
In the event of damage or signs of violation of baggage, the passenger must immediately notify the airline and complete the registration Baggage Irregularity (RIB). If you have any questions or problems, travelers can find the Civil Aviation Department (DAC), which meets the formal complaints and complaints about baggage, through sections of Civil Aviation (SACS), installed in each airport.

Before boarding, passengers have the option to declare the values assigned to the crew. It is charged an additional fee and the company can request a verification of the themes and contents of the bag. Si pierde, el viajero recibirá el valor declarado y aceptado por la empresa. Jewelry, negotiable documents and money are not accepted in the statement.

Brazil your travel

The statement of the securities is entitled to limited compensation for loss of baggage. On international flights, the company pays compensation to passengers in the peak value of $ 400. For domestic flights, compensation is made according to the Brazilian Code of Aeronautics.

What is prohibited:
Some objects cannot be transported in baggage to clear, including: firearms, compressed gases, large musical instruments, flammable liquids and solids, magnetic materials, radiation or oxidizing, irritating material, ammunition, fireworks and explosives, organic peroxides, poisonous and infectious products or corrosive substances. The passenger must consult the company when it needed some of these products as well as fragile and perishable.

Hand luggage:
For domestic flights, is permitted to carry your bag, briefcase or equipment weighing up to 5 kg and with dimensions of up to 115 cm. The baggage must fit under the seat or in the compartments above the seats and not disturb other passengers, or threaten the safety of flight. In international travel, the limit depends on the specific rules laid down by the conventions.

The airline is not responsible for damage to cabin baggage or personal effects. Only when it is shown that the injury was caused by an employee.

Passengers may also bring: blanket, umbrella, and walking stick, infant food for consumption during the voyage or equivalent and a basket to bring the child back. Objects such as jewelry, negotiable papers, stocks, money, laptop, camera, camcorder, cell phone (always off) and other valuables may only be carried in hand luggage.

Good luck!

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