Bordeaux Wine Route

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Bordeaux Wine Route

Without doubt one of the most popular wine routes. The Bordeaux vineyards occupy the largest area of vineyards in France and in them you can enjoy a wide variety of quality wines. For two thousand years these lands have been fine wines and have drawn the landscape of the region. So, not surprisingly, also much of the area’s tourism industry has grown under the culture of wine, which each year attracts thousands of tourists, especially in autumn, during the time of harvest.

Bordeaux of the most popular wine routes

Photography by Megan Mallen

To discover these lands and their wines, there are five routes full of charm and surprises that will make us enjoy the trip with the sight, taste and smell: Médoc, Saint-Emilion, and Bourgeais Blayais, Grave and Sauternes yl’Entre- Deux-Mers.

If we have to choose, Saint-Emilion is a safe bet. In this small medieval town a World Heritage Site is felt in another era, away from the hustle and asphalt of the cities. Perched atop a small hill and surrounded by vineyards, Saint-Emilion wine culture combines with fascinating Romanesque churches and ruins that are scattered along narrow cobbled streets, where silence leaves us empty the mind and enjoy time.


The history of this small town and its vineyards dating back to Roman times. Already in the second century BC, the Romans planted vineyards that would later become the Denomination of Origin Saint Emilion. In the fourth century Latin poet Ausonius lauded his vines, creating a wine culture that has permeated through the centuries the life of this locality.

The city was named after the monk Émilion, a confessor traveler, who in the eighth century was established here in a hermitage carved into the rock. In fact, the Church has been one of the forerunners of the famous wines of Saint-Emilion, with the start of commercial production of wine in the area.

Bordeaux Wine Route

Photography by antoine.bertier


The appellation of Saint-Emilion, like its neighboring Pomerol, focuses on the development of long-lived red wines and is globally recognized, which has more expensive wines, in addition, many of their vines are collected traditional methods and machinery.

If you are making a trip to this area, do not miss the flea markets held in the area, as that which took place on 18 October Goût du Marché (Market flavor) in Saint-Emilion.

Bordeaux Wine

Photography by Party0

Where to stay?

To give a whim, without a doubt one of the best choices is staying at the Grand Chateau Resort and Spa Barrail. It’s a stunning castle hotel and bucolic views of the vineyards. The rooms and suites are decorated and furnished with taste and style of the area. The hotel is located 3 km from the town of Saint-Emilion and 35 km from Bordeaux. Of course, the double room costs from 235 € per night, but I advanced it is to give yourself a treat and the perfect venue for a date or event in good company.

If the budget fails, do not worry, there are charming hotels and villas where you can stay at a good price. In the same office of tourism of Saint Emilion you can search for all budgets.

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