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Bright Angel Lodge by captainslack.

While our visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, would be ideal to staying in hotels or cabins that few inside the National Park, near the edge of the canyon, if you travel in summer or a large influx of visitors may not find accommodation available.

To do this we will have another very good alternative is to stay in Tusayan, this in the service area which is coming from the south, from Williams, found nothing more from the grounds of the Grand Canyon airport, and just before the door National Park entrance.

Tusayan is nothing more than a service area with hotels, restaurants, shops and gas stations, which is just eight miles from the Visitor Center Grand Canyon.

In Tusayan, there are two motel establishments, although mid-level, the Best Western Grand Canyon Squire Inn & Feather Lodge. They find rooms from 90 euros. And also find the Grand Hotel, where we have rooms from 100 euros.

The reality is that at the southern edge of the Grand Canyon, both within the National Park or the area near the services of Tusayan, just find ten hotels, and it is very advisable to book in advance if we have more room to option.

If we do so, we risk having to return to Williams, about 90 kilometers south, in order to find a hotel for our visit to the Grand Canyon. Because you must know that no other town nearby.

The cabin’s rustic Bright Angel Lodge, is within the national park of the Grand Canyon. While we organize a trip to the U.S. west coast will not find any problem in most places to find accommodation along the way, is not the same when we move to the inside to enjoy the majestic landscapes of national parks .

That would, for example, the case of our visit to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and if it coincides with high season holiday. Therefore, it is advisable to book accommodation in advance.

El Tovar Hotel is the oldest national park accommodation within, since it opened in 1905. With 78 rooms in 2005 has had its last major renovation. The standard price in 2009 of the room was 174 dollars (125 euros).

The Cottage The rustic Bright Angel, is right on the edge of the Grand Canyon, and is also the starting point for excursions by mule trails of the Grand Canyon. This is a rustic cabin, that although we can stay in small cabins. The standard price per room in 2009 was $ 90 (65 euros) and a cabin on the edge of the canyon, $ 142 ($ 100).

Addition to the above, there are two modern motels, Kachina and Thunderbird, with rooms from $ 170 (120 euros). And in nearby forests, and not near the edge, two more, and Yavapai Maswick, with cabins or rooms from $ 90 (65 euros).

Thunderbird Motel & Restaurant - Mt. Carmel Jct., Utah - Early 1960's by firstyearta.

Another alternative is totally different Phantom Ranch, which is the only accommodation that is located at the foot of the canyon, along the Colorado River.

Good luck in your trips to Grand Canyon!

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