A magnificent and historic trip to Sydney – Part II

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A magnificent and historic trip to Sydney

Continuing the historic great Sidney, we are referring to the article …

Passing over Cadman’s Cottage (a building of 1816, the oldest in Sydney), restaurants and shops as multicultural as the city’s population (each step is seen how the flow of African immigrants and Asian have added even more variety to this country of immigrants) and reach the Queen Victoria Building, a shopping promenade in the late nineteenth century, adorned with vitrauxs, skylights, and the most elegant homes of clothing and restaurants.

Unlike the old The Rocks, full of steep streets and houses that look mounted on one another, modern areas of Sydney have distinct areas, wide sidewalks for which circulate throughout the day, many pedestrians and green spaces that provide air between cement and modernity. However, why not lose the character and the best proof of this is the closest port to Circular Quay.

If this is the historical and tourist heart of the city, Darling Harbour (about fifteen minutes walk to the west) is the most elegant. On the terraces of bars and restaurants that surround this narrow strip of sea, the mounds of office workers in the evening down the business district of Sydney.

Sydney Aquarium:

This core cosmopolitan and sophisticated can tap into the wildest and deepest Australia. In the Sydney Aquarium, a tunnel through a pool full of sharks, giant turtles and rays, storm clouds seem to pass over the tube. Next door, at the Wildlife World, are the characteristic animals of Australia: giant cockroaches, the world’s most poisonous snakes, kangaroos, known as a super bird Cassowary and koalas. It also tells a story that repeats every time she hears the word «koala»: it seems that with the growth of urban indigenous animals have found new antagonists, none other than dogs and cats, with a surprise twist that usually houses and gardens.

Trip to Sydney

Elizabeth Bay:

On the other side of Circular Quay, to the west, is Elizabeth Bay, a port much less crowded, surrounded by a huge park, where are the most luxurious houses in the city, self-styled gourmet coffees and major yacht clubs. From here boat trips depart from Sydney Harbour, a trip pin which allows approaching the mouth of the sea, see animals such as fairy penguins the smallest known and also have what is arguably the most impressive view the city from the water.

Bondi farthest thing is, a small village resort with golden sand on which he pays tribute to surfing, while the small strip is intended for swimmers and is marked by two flags stuck in the sand, as a ghetto. For those who do not like so much dizzy, there is a promenade that runs between rocks, from there, several smaller resorts but also used for surfing.

By late afternoon, the villagers of Sydney recommended approach some of the many parks of the city, take advantage of the fresh and the departure of the birds. However, the offer has its pitfalls. If Australia is the land of kangaroos and koalas, so is of huge bats that are released to fly over the park and whose appearance is able to freeze the blood. We know, despite modernity, its futuristic opera and mirrored skyscrapers, the heart of this city remains something wild. As these bats, and those guilty of two centuries ago.

Blue Mountains:

Although they do not remove any of its appeal, it appears that the Blue Mountains (the stunning national park which is about 100 kilometers from Sydney) are not ‘blue’ or ‘mountain’. In fact, peaks (up to a thousand feet high, which made them a natural frontier for pioneers) are the upper parts of a cord similar to Rocky Canyon, only green upholstery plants and trees. Blue also refers to the stones or their land, a copper red, but the aura that is mainly observed in the afternoon: the evaporation of eucalyptus oil that inhabit these mountains, it appears a bluish haze that gives the a sense of dreamlike landscape.

Although the most popular attraction is the area of the Three Sisters (a valley conditioning features amusement park), it is worth pausing to consider this phenomenon in more remote places like the Pilcher Point lookout. In addition to colorful birds and a huge variety of plants in this protected area you can see and approach the kangaroos that are in the reserves.

Meet Sydney’s past!

A magnificent and historic trip to Sydney – Part I

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