10 views essential in Rome

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10 views essential in Rome

Rome is easy to succumb to Stendhal Syndrome and become paralyzed with so much beauty and history.

To avoid this, it is best to do some planning our visit, so the collapse did not give way to panic, lack of time to admire all the best with the Italian capital. Here are 10 of the monuments and places in our opinion, do not miss:

10 views essential in Rome

Photography by rmlowe

1. The Colosseum:

It is perhaps one of the most representative works of the Roman empire and culture that are more known to the naked eye throughout the world. It is actually an amphitheater, the result of the sum of two semicircular theater in a circle. It was the ultimate fun place in Roman culture.

It held all kinds of shows that scandalized us today, as the death gladiator fights, fights between convicts and beasts, torture, including the crucifixion of people, and all sorts of bloody encounters that kept the people happy. It was a place to forget the hardships of everyday life and unleashing the most basic instincts.

The Colosseum was built by three emperors and handled it very impressive figures, as it is estimated that 300 tons of iron used to staple only large blocks of stones that are mined from the quarries of Tivoli.

It is highly recommended audio tour guide or with a guide. If you choose to pay a little more to have explanations of a guide, you also save the tail, which is worth it, because depending on the time, can be very long.

2. Roman Forum:

It was the heart of Rome, where he used to meet all kinds of men and women and which were developed from business, suits, trade and even prostitution. He was the quintessential urban center, but ultimately lost the use of the Empire and it became a sacred place of worship.

The Via Sacra connecting across the Roman Forum to the Colosseum and he agrees to its oldest part, the western. To reach the relatively new field, must pass through cypress and bay toward the Arch of Titus.

Need to fly your imagination and imagine the Roman senators with their white robes and ordinary people, walking from one side to another, buying, selling, closing, a constant din in the capital of the Empire of antiquity. Are not you just imagine the columns and temples erected at its best, you can always use some scripts that sell in Rome for tourists where you can overlay transparencies with pictures of how were these great monuments on the current picture.

3. The Pantheon:

The Pantheon is perhaps the ancient monument that best you got today. Although undisturbed air and in very good conditions of conservation, the Pantheon breathes wisdom of an elder who has seen centuries, wars, epidemics, disasters and many glories. It was originally built by Agrippa, but was virtually destroyed after a fire. Adriano who would recover the masterpiece of the consul general of Augustus it back on foot, with one of the most perfect architectural works to the Renaissance.

The secret of preserving the Pantheon is his conversion to Christianity. When used as churches escaped the looting and destruction and then use their stones to build other monuments and church as with the circus, the Colosseum and the Forum.

4. St. Peter’s Basilica:

The dome of the basilica itself worth a visit to the temple. Miguel Angel did much of the dome and Bernini topped interior decoration.

St. Peter's Basilica in Rome

Photography by air babble

It is said that Michelangelo, a great admirer of the dome of the Pantheon was inspired by this to perform the basilica. Besides admiring the architecture and decoration, one of its main attractions is the view of Rome from the top of the dome.

5. Sistine Chapel:

The Michelangelo masterpiece is one of the greatest treasures of the Vatican. The immense frescoes are over 300 figures and it took 4 years to complete.

The work was entrusted to the artist by Pope Julius II and was expanded a few years later by Pope Paul II and the representation of the Last Judgement fresco is behind the altar.

The Sistine Chapel is always full of visitors, it is difficult to get a quiet moment to enjoy this great work, you may be up very early and queue for not too long, you are lucky, but patience and a bit of abstraction, to forget all the noise of other visitors.

6. Piazza Navona:

Rome is a true free art museum and one of its biggest attractions is to walk the streets in order to discover the hundreds of small and large jewels hidden in the city.

The squares are the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors, surrounded by art, in a small stop along the way, just in time to take a delicious Italian ice cream and watching life in a setting populated by Bernini. This is the case of the Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful in the world.

It’s hard not to pass by this place if you visit the center of Rome, but in any case take time to stroll through it, explore its sources (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, Fontana del Moro, Fontana del Nettuno), visit Santa Maria della Pace, with its frescoes by Raphael and Bramante cloister, and even sit and drink it more easy to admire.

The center of Rome

Photography by cfwee

7. Capitoline Museums:

The Capitoline Museums notable for its fabulous Greek and Roman sculptures. They are more comfortable to visit the Vatican Museums.

Consist of two museums, one located in front of another of the square: Palazzo Nuovo and Palazzo dei Conservatory.

Do not miss the statue of Marcus Aurelius and the Capitoline Venus. In addition to sculpture, the museum also has a rich art gallery where works by Caravaggio, Titian, Van Dyck and Velázquez.

8. Fontana di Trevi:

What about the source of Rome’s film world? La Fontana di Trevi is spectacular as it combines the power already of great beauty with a palatial façade in the background.

Rome of Fontana di Trevi

Photography by Sebastian Bergmann

9. Plaza of Spain:

It is found that is undoubtedly the most photographed staircase for fashion and film. Although its construction was commissioned by the French ambassador, his name is because in the seventeenth century was in this same location the Embassy of Spain.

It is a lively place, a meeting point where life does not stop flowing Romana. Probably because it is located in the heart of the most exclusive shopping district of the city.

10. Santa Maria in Trastevere:

It is a very special medieval church, located on the right bank of the river Tiber.

The views essential in Rome

Photography by oskar|marin

Bon voyage!

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