Visits to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam

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Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and its name means the city beyond the river. Hanoi is a «typical» Asian capital, with all the good and bad that implies this definition to a modern city. Its streets and chaotic traffic, street restaurantes, their small bikes and sidewalks occupied by the heat during summer allows any visitor to realize that in an Asian city. However, Hanoi also has a charm that other cities do not have, for example, be a city without too many skyscrapers, with neighborhoods (or rather street) separated by offices such as Beijing’s hutongs.


Photography by Eustaquio Santimano

From Hanoi we recommend to wander through its streets in the center while you are visiting sites in the city with which it is best to move with a certain type of transportation, whether by motorcycle or tuk-tuk Vietnamese.

The center of Hanoi could say it is situated in the beautiful Hoan Kiem lake, which has a pagoda at one end of the lake and is joined by a bridge. While in the middle of the lake there is another very old temple. Currently the lake is surrounded by fakes and souvenir shops, designer stores and trendy opera of water puppetry. A few blocks from the central lake is a food market that is interesting to go to stroll, shop or go to eat, although we must say that hygiene conditions are different from conditions in other Asian countries like Thailand.

Visits to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam

Photography by Adam_Inglis

Temple of Literature in Hanoi:

The most important places to visit in Hanoi include the Temple of Literature, One Pillar Pagoda, the mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi Cathedral, pagodas and other more remote lakes.

Markets in Hanoi:

Hanoi is a city where one can get lost for 4 or 5 days and enjoy their activities and good restaurants and cafes. One of the best ways to know Hanoi is walking, but there are times when you will need a tuk-tuk, which are those vehicles with a «comfortable» front seat and is driven by a bicycle driven by a Vietnamese. From the minute you get to Hanoi you can see the drivers of the tuk-tuks we will blow their whistles to attract our attention and we call for the shuttle service. It is important to know the cost of the price we charged the tuk-tuk before starting out and agree on the beginning and end of the tour but you may be surprised by the price at the end of the journey.

Visits to Hanoi

Photography by plusgood

Important facts in Hanoi:

One of the restaurants recommended in Hanoi is the Green Tangerine restaurant in the central Hang Street, where there are many hotel and hostels and cheap prices where you can sleep in Hanoi, Bobby Chinn’s restaurant which has now changed direction. The latter has a delicious tasting menu and the house where it is also a place with good music for cocktails in Hanoi, but the prices are very «Western.»

Good luck in your journey!

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