Trekking in Torres del Paine

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Simply spectacular Annapurna Trekking in Nepal of the Cordillera Blanca of Peru and the stunning Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy in Argentina, the journey through the landscape of the Natural Park of Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia is among the top 5 is can find.

Trekking in Torres del Paine

Photography by Geoff Livingston

Perhaps because of the difficulty, the suffering may be at the mercy of southern climate changes, simply by the stunning views of the landscape, or probably a little of all these moments that live along the route. Once finished, you feel more full and happy to have come this far.

Aspects of place:

It was the month of March and Patagonian summer and began to fade after a few months with little rain. Did not look good. As we continued toward the south, jumping between Chile and Argentina, accounts of other travelers that we were in the opposite direction we are not encouraged. Rain, mud, cold and very inflated prices, they made us decide on the «yes» to «no» to go to Torres del Paine.

We were in El Chalten in Argentina, still speechless after having enjoyed the vertical view (from below) of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. If we got there, we were going to stay with the desire to move to the foothills of the Horns of Paine Towers or approaching the maximum that allowed us to prepare our hiker’s lot.

Torres del Paine

Photography by H Dragon

We left the Tour Circular for those who were really prepared and climbing the walls of the Towers to the insane and expert climbers. We with trekking known as ‘W’ or a variant.

With a flooded tent and a few basic items to go to the mountains of Patagonia, this time we are inclined to reason and rented a tent waterproof mats for cold and humidity we rheumatism meanders in the bones from day one. This small luxury and posed a significant dent in our small daily budget Round the World for a year, so we decided to make the trek in 4 days instead of 5, so they do not shoot us spending.

Tour Trekking in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine:

To give a little more excitement, only buy food for 3 days, because our bags were too small and there was no more, but we run a veil over this detail, that made us stretch the rolls and tuna to the misery.

You can start from Puerto Natales to the National Park Torres del Paine. After paying the park entrance, cross the lake by boat to the shelter Pehoé Paine Grande. In this camp, the more equipped you are, provide cooking utensils and stoves is for campers, allowing us to dinner on a hot soup at least one day. As the day was covered and threatening rain, put up a tent before starting a round-trip hike to the Grey Glacier lookout.

You can continue on the second day of trekking to the camp Paine Grande Paine Horns. The route passes through the French Glacier and the intention was to climb up the French Valley. The landscape in this section is inspired by glaciers, waterfalls and Patagonian flora postcard every turn.

After a stop at Camp Chileno to eat, continue the climb to Camp Torres. At this point in the day’s march, we had rain, the sun finally shone and the wind very strong against ice cream and decided to make this stretch more complicated. Torres Camp is the last before the rise of the Towers and it is advisable to sleep here if you intend to go at sunrise or sunset to the lake. Free camping is free, although the only service are latrines, for others, the river, coming down clean, clear and short of breath.

As we still had a couple of hours of light and the cold was not encouraged to sit still, we set up the tent and decided to climb the towers that afternoon. The good thing to do at that time instead of the morning is that there are less people and we enjoyed the climb and the views on the lake alone.

Torres del Paine Trekking

Photography by re-ality

He played retrace path and descend to the refuge Torres (Torres Camp Different), here you can sleep under a roof, there are even several lodgings for us at this point and we seemed to lap of luxury. From there take a shuttle bus connection to Laguna Amarga, where it exits the bus back to Puerto Natales.

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