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2 days ago my sister was travelling from Lima to Norway, the latter is where the country is for 3 years and I am tired of only hearing about the trip was 16 hours. This connecting Lima to Holland and thence to Norway. Well apart from dedicating this post to share it with friends as passengers will have a similar experience in some of his travels through the world.

Economy class travel for 5, 7 or 10 continuous hours is exhausting. Sometimes making fun bags, check our flights arriving on time, make calls rigor, among others, we forget about preparing to spend many hours sitting in an airplane.

After you search and find deals on flights, you will have to face while on the plane. Will talk about this on here.

Some points are recommended:
1. Cushion. It’s good to bring a padded jacket for the trip, no matter what time of year. A lien and is not considered hand luggage and their bags may be used to upload things. Now that some airlines do not save costs and provide blankets and pillows can be helpful, especially if the air conditioning makes it feel cold.

2. Become a space. Remove all magazines and accessories that are in the pouch of the seat back in front. Yes, you may not be much, but it can make a difference.

3. Hot hands. Sometimes to fight the cold air conditioning, you must be creative. Use empty water bottles; Fill it up hot to the hand. And feet.

4. Drink water, but do not exaggerate. Yes, we know it is good to be hydrated, but do not drink any water at the beginning of the road. You could spend much time in the bathroom.

5. Comfortable clothes. Clothing and shoes, do not forget. Use your most comfortable clothes for travel, fashion and long journeys by plane, do not always get along.

6. Dehydrated food. Bring energy bars or dried fruit. It is not known how long they can be without food, or even if you do not like the food you offer.

7. Bring a book. A paper book is a technology that requires no connection and is always available.

8. Ears
Considers put earplugs can help you isolate the environment and a little rest.

If you are a good tourist is required to do so many times, because apart from the requirements of different airports in the world, according to their security policies do not bring many good things that we would delay our already exhausting journey.

Finally tell them that if they have secured in advance the mobility service to the hotel from the airport to help them relax let the stress of travel. Note that not all have our health habits.

I hope one of these points is useful for their long journey to their destination, and we are with another post of the page in reservations for tickets to travel.

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  1. holiday rental dave Says:

    You are quite right. It is easy for travellers to plan for everything relatng to their holiday, but forget about planning for the flight.

    For me, the most important things are –
    To take a book or something to read while on the journey,
    To take something to eat and drink (unless the choice is to buy something on-flight, and
    To wear comfortable clothes.

    When travelling it is a good idea to consider that the flight itself is part of the holiday and so it is essential that the time spent on the plane is enjoyable.

    That way you arrrive relaxed and prepared for action..

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