Travel Tips: what technology we take?

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Travel Tips: what technology we take?

Any person intending to make a trip over a long period and want to keep in touch with your friends, family, Internet, travel store photos and videos, make calls with local SIM cards, chargers with adapters, cameras taking pictures, among other exciting options.

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The traveler should consider what gossip can be useful to take during the trip, but also usable, low weight, which take place, protective measures, etc..

Traveling with a notebook:

To travel and connect to the Internet without having to rely on third party computers, hotels, etc. suggest traveling with a notebook. A netbook is a small laptop almost 1kg, with a small screen (9 to 12 inches) and a price below 300 €. As computers are ideal for use in travel and connect to the Internet.

If you want to bring hardware (besides the computer) during the trip to be storing pictures, videos and files, we suggest a USB flash drive (from 16GB), an external hard drive or CD and DVD disks to back up and save predatory pricing in the parlors of the world.

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If you want to avoid having to store photos on memory cards, USB keys, CDs or DVDs, we suggest you make an account on a webOS EyeOS eg, LiveMesh, dropbox, etc.. to upload the photos that you are doing and have them stored in the cloud and thus be able to access them from anywhere. To share photos with family and friends, I suggest using Flickr accounts or Picasso, but in either case you must pay a fee to have more space to upload all the photos you want.

Mobile SIM Cards:

If while traveling through any country you plan to make more local calls, we suggest that you carry with you a free mobile, so you can buy prepaid cards and save money on local calls, but you should find out about the specific country rates. In my case, I’ve done in Sweden, China and Mexico and save yourself money on your phone bill, but attention in China, calls to other cities are priced differently than in the same city in Mexico, something similar happens .

For the camera, we suggest you take over an SD card (or similar) and high capacity, depending on the quality of the photos you want to do. Also better to travel with the camera, we suggest a good case to be practical to transport and perhaps another case to carry the objectives (if you’re more professional photos).

Better a universal adapter?

If you are very proactive, bring a universal power adapter. However, in each of the countries where you need to connect your plug, you can buy adapters probably cheaper than this, although it is a good solution for not having to worry anymore about the plugs of the countries in the world. This adapter serves 150 countries and is readily available in the market for sales of gadget. Another option (more eco-sustainable) is to be a solar cell phone charger or manual. As for the solar charger, we have not found the market in any trade, but what is certain is that perhaps it is easier to load than the manual, however it should charge the phone during the day and if there is an emergency at night …

And as we noted in the post of sleeping in airports, it might be interesting to travel with a portable console to pass the time during long waits or long bus rides or train. Although a good book is also highly recommended!

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