Tokyo, between luxury and cutting edge

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Tokyo dawn seven hours before the Western world, and that is seen in organized people in the streets vibrant energy, its cosmopolitan style and unique idiosyncrasies, which make it the great metropolis of the twenty-first century, leaving little room for improvisation. Our arrival in Japan coincides with the sunset on a Saturday night when the rest of the planet began to rise almost the rule of the rising sun and the star sun goodbye.


Photography by Grantuking

This is a perfect time to contemplate from the west window of the plane the sacred symbol of the country, the great Mount Fuji, resurgent in all its splendor and majesty of an ocean of white clouds white. Background for this scene almost dreamlike ambient music recreating the sound of birds in a Japanese Zen garden moved to a place where time and space disappear for a moment. And as a backdrop for this unique show, Narita International Airport travelers receiving hospital, but with stony silence. 

The sounds of Tokyo:

Two things hit nothing but land in the country: the pristine order and the immensity of silence. And yet, walking the streets of Tokyo and mingle among its 14 million people is just that, listen to their silence but also the map of the sounds, which are slowly getting used to Western ears as one enters any corner, from a chuckle in a crowded cafe district of Shinjuku at eight o’clock, when executives orderly march in single file with their gray suits to the friction of the waves caressing the boat that crosses the Bay Odaiba to wonder at the spectacular Rainbow bridge, reminiscent of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Hudson Bay across the globe.

The sounds of Tokyo

Photography by oisa

Some unique neighborhoods:

The districts of old Edo, not long ago consisted of 27 small towns retain a special uniqueness. Ginza, with its high class shops that have nothing to envy to those of Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue or the Avenue Montaigne in Paris. Ueno, with its huge lake of water lilies and roses with their rockabilly Harajuku at Yoyogi Park. Akihabara, the paradise for lovers of Japanese manga and anime, with its maid cafes (always surrounded by a halo of mystery) that Shy waitresses dressed as characters from the comic world of fleeing tourists cameras while inviting the passer to spend an afternoon than with them over a cup of tea and telling stories among otaku.

Tokyo, between luxury and cutting edge

Photography by Gavin Anderson

Shibuya crossing and 109:

At the junction 109 of the district of Shibuya, the world crosses the street every time the traffic light turns red car and walk where Japanese girls showing the latest fashion trends to follow the rest of the world After a few weeks or months. Shinjuku, with its hub of the world’s busiest station and the glamor of the plant 52 of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, one of the best views of the city, which took a famous cup Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray in a no less memorable scene in Lost in Translation.

And so we can continue to never get tired, because a few days in Tokyo is to revive or rather to experience what we live in the future once we returned to our country. This is the capital of Japan, a country that continually reinvents itself and has been able to transform their difficult passage through a global conflict and turn it into positive energy, vibrant and full of meaning for its inhabitants and the rest of today’s global citizens inhabit our planet.

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