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Great coffee places in the world – Part I

The common factor in a trip is always the coffee, it relaxes us, helps us to reflect, contemplate and talk with friends. Today we will present a list of places to consider are coffee, more attractive in the world.

The best coffee

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Landtmann Cafe – Vienna

This is one of the most splendid sites in Vienna coffee. In the past during the German occupation there was no heating in the houses or hotels, but in the cafes and theaters. Since this memorable place in it. The cafe was a meeting that did not need a cell phone or a message on Facebook. He saw life through and through, looking at doing nothing, talking or waiting for someone who may never come.

Coffee is a necessary ingredient, but not enough. The decisive thing is the decor, the atmosphere, the wave and, crucially, his parishioners. You think that, like in some restaurants of Puerto Madero, is the conquered with special attention to be more frequent visits from some personalities than others, betting on the Wheel of Fortune Who ‘n’s who of today. Because some are places to watch and be watched. One can be an anonymous, but sitting in a chair of this aristocracy of the cloth until you can feel contemporary of Voltaire, Hemingway, Picasso and Borges.

Caffe Greco – Roma

Look in your hall of mirrors, in three rooms separated by a semicircular arch is feeling in the company of musicians like Liszt, Bizet and Wagner. Stands out with its stamp of years, but is surrounded by the premises of the most important Italian brands. It was founded in 1760 by an immigrant Greek, Nicola della Madalena, hence its name, just steps from the Piazza di Spagna, at the foot of the stairs leading to the house where John Keats died. Goethe glaring here to become familiar with Italian culture from the classics. The rooms are small, like tables and chairs, paintings and photographs include Audrey Hepburn, The Princess who wanted to live. It is simple to get a table and is usually best to find an empty spot on the bar to order a coffee instead snack, as the locals do. Among other curiosities, say it was the first store that allowed customers to smoke. Address Via Condotti, 86. Rome (closed Sundays).

Coffee routes

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Das Cafe Central – Vienna

In Vienna there are passions that divide. His list of celebrity clients is endless to the point of including pre-revolutionary Vladimir Lenin and Soviet Lev Bronstein, who not yet know him by his pseudonym of Leon Trotsky. It was the place for chess players, the game science preferred customers. Boards and utensils were so common that looked like a chess school. The cafe was closed at the end of World War II, but recovered in 1975 and in 1986 took its present form, transformed into a tourist attraction not only, but intellectual and gourmet taste when its 20 kinds of cakes. Address Herrengasse 14.

Caffe Florian – Venice

Say it is wonderful is an understatement. Because at dusk, as darkness advances and the remaining empty space will grow its magic. Founded in 1720 by Floriano Francesconi, maintains the lighting for your crystal chandeliers whose light accentuates the beauty of women, here were never off limits as it did in other places. The Caffe Florian is a gateway sensual and enigmatic. Carnival in the city, there are concentrated costumes and masks. Every year, tourists live in an eternal time. As in Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen, would not surprise crossed with Casanova or the characters in Shakespeare see Byron to swim from the Grand Canal or recognize Hemingway. A coffee that is like Venice itself, where the only thing one can do is fall for the pleasure of living. Even just having a coffee that tastes like gods. This is in Piazza San Marco. Venice

Cafe Tortoni – Buenos Aires

In Vienna, Barcelona, Prague or Venice, some of the most traditional and charming rooms where to start the day or just pause to replenish energy y. .. time travel. Good coffee and a newspaper is a great combination to start the day or pause on the road when we travel. Especially if it occurs in a palace hall, covered with large beveled mirrors, carved wood columns, wood paneling, crystal chandeliers, china and so broad matching. Where the waiters are proud of their work and even wear etiquette. And, most important, which is surrounded by known habitues.

This Great Coffee Place

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No wonder, some legendary coffees in the world make up an aristocracy of the cup and have become major tourist attractions. The ritual begins in the morning, but remains continued until late evening. So the fame of the cake (for example, the Sacher), then snacks, panini, properly charged a special Proficient or standing because the menu is customer service and not the clock. Although one does not ask for anything more than a coffee, a glass of water and newspaper. And the minutes become hours and no waiter comes up closer to rush the bill unless you request it.

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