There a Chamber Beneath the Sphinx

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Since ancient times has been speculating on the possibility of a chamber beneath the Great Sphinx of Giza.

«Before they (the pyramids of Giza) is the Great Sphinx, which deserves more admiration than these if possible and instead has quietly been ignored by the Egyptians since ancient times. The inhabitants of the region considered a goddess, and are of the opinion that Horemjeb Pharaoh (1307-1292 BC) was buried in [Book 36 XVII]”.

There a Chamber Beneath the Sphinx

Photography by Ana Paula Hirama

It was Edgar Cayce, a psychic and clairvoyant of great fame in America in the mid-twentieth century, who in one of his trances crowded popularized the idea of the existence of a secret chamber associated with the Sphinx. According to Cayce, there exist a library under the past documents and objects of Atlantis, the people from Atlantis that would have been installed in Egypt, and predicted that this legacy be discovered in the late twentieth century. According to Cayce, there would be a chamber or passage leading from the front right paw of the Sphinx to the entrance to the chamber of the records. In the words uttered by Cayce while he was in a state of trance:

«In there is a Library (also called the Hall of Records) which preserves the record of the events occurred in Atlantis from the time when the Sphinx was built, as well as the achievements of his prodigious civilization. It also houses a recording of this legendary civilization contacts he had with other nations as well as the chronicle of the destruction of the mythical continent and the changes that took place in the world as a result. The library keeps records of how they built the great pyramid of initiation (the pyramid of Cheops), which together with the Sphinx are just copies of existing objects in Atlantis, now submerged. But the Atlantis rise again from the bottom of the oceans. The Sphinx has been since its construction the guard who keeps the secret and access to the library, which no one has access until the right time».

Exploration of conflicting results:

These and other references in history have become very attractive for subsurface investigation where the Sphinx, and although the Egyptian government has always been extremely reluctant to allow access to foreign research teams, there are few who have achieved and have been often contradictory conclusions.

As an example, research led by a Japanese research team at Waseda University was studying the South, North and the area adjacent to the front paws of the Sphinx with ultrasound, trying to find hollow cavities below the surface. Their conclusions were that:

In the basement of the area south of the Sphinx there is a hollow space about 3 feet deep, and found evidence that the channel or corridor that extended beyond the area of the Sphinx. In the basement of the northern area found another channel of similar dimensions, which led them to believe that there is a tunnel linking the north and south.

In the front of the Sphinx, at the height of its front legs, Japanese researchers found another empty area to about 1 or 2 meters deep. Also concluded that this cavity communicates with other parts of the subsoil, which believe that the subsoil of the Sphinx contains more cavities than previously known. They also found evidence of a tunnel that would lead directly to the Great Pyramid of Khufu …

Tunnels found under the Sphinx:

In contrast, the experience of another expedition led by geophysicist Lambert Dolphin showed very different conclusions, as can be interpreted in the story that the researcher sent a friend in letters:

«Then, dig holes in a depth of 4 inches in areas where anomalies had found the land, and surveyed with a TV camera closed. We did not find anything apart from some small cracks. We paid special attention to areas adjacent to the front paws of the Sphinx. We found no cameras! I do not think there are chambers under the Sphinx».

«We have long known about many underground passages that are based on the Sphinx. One is in the vicinity of the head, it’s short length and ends abruptly, without having apparently nowhere. Another is almost at ground level on the north side of the Sphinx, has also been explored and ends near the riverbed. The third tunnel is known only through a picture that was made in 1926. Is located in the north and has been covered with bricks in recent renovations“.

Cavity in the south of the Sphinx:

It seems that there are still many underground chambers and passages to discover in the forecourt of Giza, though this area has been excavated mythical ad nauseam. But the idea that there is a «Hall of Records» created by ancient people of Atlantis, hidden under the ancient Sphinx, so far has given no indication of likelihood. It seems that it is not only the visions of a self-styled «prophet», who in 1941 proclaimed that the library would be wonderful discovery «in the late twentieth century».

The mystery continues …

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