The market in Catania

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It’s nice when you walk on holiday and sit on your journey to a happy crowd. In this regard a proposal if it feels this is when we are in the market of Catania, it is not just going to buy is more than that.


Photography by vic15


Browse this market is undoubtedly the highlight on our journey in Sicily, this morning we have woken up in August Mascali, a few kilometers north of Catania, just breakfast and we launched the car with the idea of getting to Catania parking lot early and without much difficulty. Precisely my concern lies out in the parking lot, since I read everywhere that Catania is a city with very heavy traffic and especially chaotic. And to be more complicated, of course, the closer the street market is located in the heart of one of the main cities of Sicily.

The market in Catania

Photography by furibond

Nothing, concerns unfounded, at least this morning. We drove leisurely through the center of Catania at about eleven, and when the GPS tells me we are about 700 meters from the market, look for parking. It is in the street Monsignor Ventimiglia, blue zone economic good price: 0.75 € / hour, prepaid at a meter on the street. Nothing down, we catch the Giordano Bruno street (perpendicular), continue straight on for five minutes, and we’re in the middle market of Catania. This time we have gone round, hey, it seems that every week we come to the market and we know the best place to park.

A popular market and authentic:

At first, the scene seems completely unknown. An army of red umbrellas protect food and gender varied from sunlight, and half hidden under a constant looming circle of people, and bus stops and more products. “Can you give an air market in Zagreb Dolac, right? »

Market Catania:

This is much larger and more chaotic, this is Sicily! ‘. Then we have been abducted by the market of Catania, and completely lose track of time. At the end are more than two hours of the most enjoyable and we’ve been distracted in recent months. Especially for Bethlehem, this is quickly forgotten husband and child and not stop shooting pictures, sometimes with too much gall in relation to sellers. But do not worry, here are all engaged in a marketing case.

Catania Market

Photography by emilio labrador

See, smell, touch food:

He commented in a previous post: it says that the Sicilians are suspicious of the quality of products they can not see, touch and smell to evaluate whether they are getting what they pay for them. So it’s no surprise that the super markets and malls are not his favorite saint, and instead, in a street market like Catania, yes there are in their element, and touch it, look at him, he was traded everything. Sellers sing the offers, take a spray with water and sprayed on fruit and fish between sales and sales to look like you just brought just the land and sea. But bad product is not in any case, glad to see mussels, sardines, olives, orange flesh melons, all kinds of meat, and a thousand etcetera. sharing and competing for better space and more likely customers.

The food stalls area is truly vast, but no bigger than the other major subject area. I could go on telling more minutiae of our visit to the market of Catania, but better if I summarize the experience and closing: the experience is totally recommended, we enjoyed strolling through a market as authentic and lively, with a huge variety of genre. And I must say that anthropological level, the visit also had its what. Catania market in excellent health and is extremely popular among the Sicilians, and to this they will realize other aspects of this island truly authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

Market Street

Photography by Hermés

Bon voyage!

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