The Grand Canyon

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The Grand Canyon is one of the most arid zones of the planet and also one of the most spectacular result of erosion. This deep gorge in the earth and produced in the state of Arizona was in 1979 declared World Heritage by UNESCO, since then called Grand Canyon National Park.
The ravines of the Colorado River have been subjected since the beginning of time to the relentless action of water and wind, so capricious that have shaped a landscape of deep canyons of spectacular staircase walls.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most extraordinary that the man could see. Because of its strange features, has been designated as National Park by the Government of the United States and has been listed as one of the most beautiful in the whole world by the UN. Its location is near the desert Painted Desert, which is located in the State of Arizona.

When standing on the edge of this mighty volcano, the great Colorado River appears to be a small canal flowing smoothly. People are transported to the Canyon rafting, through the same Colorado River, making the journey from start to finish in the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most diverse ecological and the United States. Within the park there are a large number of important ecosystems, comprising all types of forests and deserts: the Sonoran, the Mojave, the Great Basin Desert, Great Basin sagebrush, Great Basin Pinyon-Juniper woodland, and Rocky Mountain Conifer Forest . This, to say nothing of 1500 species of plants, 290 species of birds, and hundreds of reptiles and mammals.
The fauna of the area is dominated by eagles, hawks, snakes, rats, squirrels and cats among other animals. In addition, summer storms causing falls among the reddish slopes of the canyons of water covering the base of the canyon and encourage the lives of amphibians and other strange aquatic creatures.

Tourism in The Grand Canyon:
The Grand Canyon has become a major tourist center and at the same time, in an important location for businesses because of their large size, can not be installed near the cities. This has greatly increased the pollution in this area until a few years ago could be considered a virgin.
To preserve this marvel of nature, the U.S. government decided to begin a program of pollution in the area. One of the greatest achievements of this plan was the reduction in 1991 of gas emissions that caused a huge power plant installed in the area. After two decades of disputes and negotiations, the owners of a gigantic coal power plant in Arizona reached a settlement with environmental groups on a plan to reduce pollution at the Grand Canyon. And that pollution had reached such a point that often, especially in winter, visitors who were at one edge of the natural jewel of American West in the state of Arizona, could barely see the other side. Through the scheme, owners of the giant plant spent about $ 430 million to equip the plant with systems that prevent contamination, which was reduced by 90 per cent of emissions of sulfur dioxide.

The Grand Canyon is a jewel that has been carved over millions of years. It is therefore not surprising that the U.S. government strives to maximize its maintenance. Nor is it surprising that year after year thousands of visitors come to see this wonderful landscape.

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