The best hostels in France

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Visit France is one of the great dream of many people, know their traditions, visit its cultural exponents, taste exquisite cuisine and drinks, enjoy the beaches and all its cultural and natural riches that have together formed a great experience . For those visiting the country can choose from variety of cheap to spend a quiet but get excited at the same time, hostels in various cities with many splendid views. No doubt stay in a hostel is an excellent way to save money especially in these times of crisis, and even more in a country as expensive as France.

The best hostels in France

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The Friends Hostel, located on Boulevard De La Chapelle in Paris, is ideal for backpackers, travelers and students, is open 24 hours and provides a very comfortable price. The Friends Hostel gives us the opportunity to stay in double rooms and rooms for groups like 3-6 people with showers and rooms with 4-14 beds with air conditioning. All rooms properly equipped with Internet access.

The services are of quality, has selected personnel and a long list of items needed to make the guest’s stay more pleasant. The hostel does not prescribe any rules for the exits or entrances. The price per person is 16 euros, shared rooms. You will be interested to know that for its excellent location is close to supermarkets, bakeries and laundries. There are also some attractions such as Butte Montmartre, Pigalle and Place du Tertre are less than three minutes. Something that may bother some is that the payment at the hostel be made in cash, not received or credit cards or checks, but do not worry if you do not have sufficient cash, banks are across the street.

Another option is the Blue Planet Hostel in Paris, ensuring care and many services through qualified personnel 24 hours a day and with enhanced security with video cameras. Its rooms are generally designed for family occasions, which are well lit and decorated for any occasion. Nor are there restrictions on inputs or outputs. On prices, the rooms are private and shared 83.40 euros from 27.80 euros per person. Its services are strategically located and distributed on each floor of the hotel, guests will not inconvenience them.

We hostels touring France and found the 3 Ducks Hostel, located in Paris, has a great tourist attraction near where it is established is the Eiffel Tower, for this reason it is a place visited. In addition the hostel facilities and services at good prices you can find someone to spend a pleasant moment, ie is an ideal place to socialize and make friends. As mentioned Hostel is a good price, 24 euros per person in shared rooms and also available for guests of the country tourist information. You will be interested to know that the hostel is open every day of the year. It houses a large dining room where you can eat breakfast and have fun with other guests.

Despite the offer of hostels in the French capital, Paris is great because there are more than 300 establishments, we want to highlight one in particular, the St Christopher’s Hostel, located near the metro station of Montmartre. Many visitors consider this possibility to stay because it is the most modern backpackers hotel in the city, also offers travel services at a great price. The music and festivities make this an ideal place for young people looking for fun. The hotel also offers wireless Internet service, and watching movies. For the food and do not worry, the hostel offers menus for only 6 euros, and best of all it’s free. Do not forget to wear a safety lock for your bag or briefcase because the hostel is not responsible for lost or stolen in the rooms. If you want to, when you go for a walk you can leave your baggage charge free in the hostel lobby.

France has much to show to the eyes of the world in the hostels in the country show how substantial is their culture and hospitality to provide services regardless of nationality. It’s a wonderful destination, worth visiting.

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