The Balearic Islands is Mediterranean paradise

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The Balearic Islands is Mediterranean paradise

The Balearic Islands is an autonomous Spanish community, consisting of the Balearic Islands archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, along the eastern coast of the Iberian peninsula, divided into two groups of islands, northern islands are Mallorca, Menorca and Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera southwest, places of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches. This community has a rich history, extensive cultural offerings, opportunities for rest and relaxation that makes it the ideal place for a holiday, is accessed from different parts of the world, the airport of the capital Palma de Mallorca is the busiest Spain.

The Balearic Islands archipelago is located about sixty miles from the mainland coast and characterized the geography of Mallorca and Ibiza a rugged coastline and coastal cliffs, Formentera and Cabrera instead presents a plain which is an extension of the central depression of Mallorca, Menorca is instead an extension of the Catalan mountain ranges.

The Balearic Islands

The climate of the area is characterized by hot summers, over 300 days of sunshine a year, and mild winters. It has a varied flora consisting of pine and oak forests north of the islands and garrigue scrub south, its fauna is composed of the peregrine falcon, the black vulture, osprey, dolphins and turtles as well as some endemic species.

The combination of coast and mountain gives a special attraction, providing us with beautiful natural landscapes, such as streams, ponds, lakes and groundwater.
Currently, the islands enjoy a tourism boom and an enviable economic boom, the vast majority of people engaged in service sector apart from the textile, leather and footwear.

Regarding accommodation, Majorca is one that has the largest followed by Ibiza hotel infrastructure. Its cuisine is varied and each island has its own typical dishes based on seafood and meat accompanied by good wine.

The activities you can do when visiting the Balearic Islands archipelago, are water sports, cycle tourism, hiking, fishing among others. It is within the attractions to visit craft fairs that are held weekly, where you can buy typical local products. Churches, castles and shrines are its architecture and history tells us, including our Cathedral of Palma, La Lonja and the Bellver Castle.

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Their festivities, part of the attraction to visit the area where we can appreciate the customs of each place. In relation to transport, the islands have excellent communication with the main European cities and between the islands, either air or sea. By sea is common arrival of large cruise ships and private boats that acoderan in different marinas in the islands. With regard to land transport, there is an extensive network of roads that are covered by lines of urban and intercity buses, just Mallorca has rail links with some people. The Balearic Islands are surprising and fascinating, each with its own personality and invite us to return again and again.

The Balearic Islands is Mediterranean paradise

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