Tax was paid $ 10 to enter the United States

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Although the U.S. is not a country «expensive», given the drop in passenger revenue despite the weak dollar against other currencies, international tourist flows do not stop they were attracted to their destinations. The idea is that this law as to increase visitor arrivals and create more jobs.

Sure, if they think they succeed in putting more obstacles for the traveler … bad walk.
Some numbers tell the United States is losing ground:

I recently saw on the news, which has been approved by the Senate of the United States, the Travel Promotion Act, a law that attempts to boost revenue from tourists to the country and introduced a tourist tax of $ 10 to enter all those who from countries not requiring visas.

From 2000 to 2008 the number of French tourists who went abroad increased by 49%, while the number who chose to visit the United States rose only 14%.

Worse with his «historic», the British than the same period increased their output by 41% while the flow into the United States decreased by 3%.

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The measures introduced by the new law to try to milk smell a little more for those who choose to travel to the U.S., instead of encouraging the improvement of services and competitiveness of domestic prices.

Flying within the U.S. is expensive.

The train service (which might be an alternative) is painful and is far from the expectations of the tourists who hope to attract.

If you drive, you will find a collapsed road infrastructure obsolete.

Despite the existence of high-level domestic destinations, have failed to promote them to the outside border with a global mindset.

The European Community did not like anything the step of introducing the rate of income. The spokesman for Justice, Freedom and Security EU executive, Michele Cercone said that «the introduction of this fee could be a step backward in our effort to facilitate transatlantic mobility.

And the U.S. president Travel Association, said Roger Dow, «The U.S. Senate has taken a giant step towards regaining America’s position as a prime tourist destination and strengthening our economy in trouble.»

Steps or giant leaps backwards, the point is that it will reach into his pocket and add $ 10 travel budget, if you think U.S. land.

I could not find the date of enactment of this tourist rate. Armed with the usual American management times, do not think it before year end. But if someone has reconfirmed this information, I appreciate that you share with us.

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