Rural tourism: Using ski poles Mountain

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Using ski poles Mountain

Far from being the idea is to use a cane in the mountains is synonymous with adult or physical problem. Fortunately, today its use is so general that has become a material recognized and valued by all.  If you think about it as has been their introduction should acknowledge that we owe it to the expedition and suffered endless snowy slopes of the Himalayas. We have in mind the tremendous effort of this activity and the need to help with clubs in areas not involved. Initially, the type used ski and later arrived specific walking. These have become popular so that the existing supply is excessive.

What is a stick mount?
Basically there are two or three metal parts, tube and hollow sections and intermediate elements called «expanders» which act as blockers to determine the length of the stick. These intermediate pieces turn can lead to damping systems in the form of springs that lower the impact suffered arm and shoulder. At the top is the fist and «Dragonera» (joint tape to the wrist). This element is very important that our momentum comes from that end. On the opposite side is the top and rosette.

What makes the prices so different on a stick?
At first glance all seem more or less the same but there are important differences that follow:

A. Fist: We can find different materials and shapes. The most interesting are their rubber type adhesive power. The very end plastics with sweat sliding, increasing the force needed to hold them. If you have an ergonomic grip and well-marked finger optimized and applied all the effort we avoided injury. There are cork-like but still encourage gummy cuffs.

ski poles Mountain

B. Pipes: The ideal is to combine strength with lightness. Hence, the very light type are very expensive titanium and are cheap too heavy. Fortunately, the average offer combinations of metals (aluminum-steel) that provide adequate weight.

C. Extensions: There are plastic, metal and combined with shock. It is possible to form aluminum carbonate powder as a result of moisture. Generally, if left unchecked, will end up devouring the threads of the extension. As council conservation, this part dry after each use. They also warn you to lock the baton in their measure is necessary to apply moderate tension. There is no question of force.

D. Tip: There are two types: steel spikes in the price sticks and tips first «HW» in the mid and high range. The differences are based on wear and grip they provide. For moderate use just what we notice. With the tips are the rosettes, the great for snow and smaller to earth. We recommend to always carrying the rosette to avoid putting us into the stick in cracks and end bending to our efforts to walk.

It is essential to note that in no circumstances replaces the stick ax. The use of the latter is essential for your safety. The staffs give you an excellent aid for more balance and increase your power, with the pleasant feeling less tired. Needless to say that for people with knee or back problems, the stick is the friend you can never leave home. You know, forget these prejudices and of good courage to use them.

Good Luck!

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