Rural Route to Soba, Ramales and Ampuero

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The following is a route that is from the autonomous community of Cantabria, which discover routes nearby. This place is ideal especially for tourists who love the kind of rural tourism. Then these locations are:

Rural Route to Ramales

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From the Valley of Soba, made way from the natural park of the Collados del Ason, a great and benevolent scenery: snow rarely, the height is only 680 meters. Over there you can see the small valley of The barren, a former refugee who has retained some of their lifestyle. On the same road you come to another valley where Gandara was born in the foothills of the Peña Becerra, where about is the Ason (below), near the town of Ramallah.

The head of the valley belongs to the municipality of Soba, covering 27 villages, one of the first, La Gándara, just opened a visitor center, small and willful, which is preliminary index of what awaits us in the valley: Wealth flora and fauna, but above all human effort, architecture coupled to the environment, manufacturing ingenuity to feed itself for use throughout the community. Soba This town is the third largest in Cantabria and the most dairy cows have in that capacity: more cows than Christians themselves.

Rural Route to Soba

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Gandara River, the road and down towards Ramales people, surrounding the mountain Pando. In surroundings where we can find Covalanas Cave, which has been proclaimed World Heritage. It was the second to be discovered after the Altamira Cave, where you have found antique paintings. Just fix the entrance, but inside there is no light, the paintings are quite to the bottom and must be seen with flashlights. These paintings date back 16,000 to 23,000 years.

From here you have access to the Victoria Ramales, the capital of the valley. On the outskirts of town there is another spectacular cave, that of Cullalvera. His mouth looks like the courtyard of a cathedral, with more than 40 meters high. The cavity is also cathedral at first, then narrow, and precisely in the deepest part (more than a mile) are some paintings. But until there are no tourists allowed to enter, visitors are left to do in the great hall an audiovisual presentation on the cave and its uses, in the civil war, Franco’s troops garage, as he had been (this and many other cave) refuge for fugitives, smugglers or charcoal.

Moreover, Ramales is a town where even leisure is beaches. Where tourists can even go fishing in Assos, where the delicacies of the sea are trout and salmon. Also here begins an interesting route of palaces and houses. Ramales in the Municipality is the Revillagigedo Palace, which belonged to a viceroy of Mexico.


Below Rasines, Ampuero is one of the prettiest villages in the area, which also had roots ironmongers: locksmiths, blacksmiths, founders, descendants of indentured laborers from the medieval blacksmiths. There are four major palaces and a church dedicated to excessive Bien Aparecida, patroness of Cantabria. 10 miles away, in Clean, a dying Christ in 1919 began to move their eyes put together quite a stir and led to a flourishing business. After leaving the Ason river valley, passing through the marshes of Colindres and his journey he meets the sea, near Laredo.

Rural Route to Ampuero

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