Remedies to prevent diarrhea in your travels

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Diarrhea is one of the most common problems we have when we travel. The only way to avoid this disease is to be very careful what he eats or drinks that are usually the cause of gastrointestinal dysfunction. Silvia and a few years ago told us how to prevent diarrhea, but in Mexico where there is also met Montezuma’s Revenge and new remedies to improve my situation and that to this day it has worked quite well.

Remedies to prevent diarrhea in your travels

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Some of the recommendations to prevent diarrhea are:

Do not drink tap water or sources. As a general rule, try to drink bottled water to reduce the risk of intestinal problems.

– Avoid drinking milk or milk shakes that can be difficult to digest.

– Avoid raw vegetables or fruits with water such as watermelon.

– Try to avoid spicy or high in fat.

– If even so, and after following these steps, you suffer from diarrhea, we suggest some of these pharmaceutical drugs we use, however, it is best to visit a doctor and can advise you better.


The lactobacilli are some bacteria that convert lactose into lactic acid and others. They are friendly bacteria to humans that increase gastrointestinal flora that help break down plant material. The numbers of bacteria produce more lactic acid makes the environment becomes more acidic and that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. The lactobacilli are famous because they are in many yogurts that are in the market.

The lactobacilli are useful to take as prevention but also during a period of diarrhea and as a natural remedy in theory should never give problems to take it.

Travel kit with medicines:

Loperamide or Racecatrilo:

Loperamide and racecatrilo are two medicines which will be prescribed by a doctor before you take it. Medicines are effective but sometimes dangerous, especially loperamide. Loperamide, known as the Fortasec drug, stops the activity of the large intestine, and thus stay longer substances in the intestine and absorb more water.

Boiled rice and apple:

A classic for the stomach pains you should eat at your love feasts if you have problems with diarrhea. Another possible solution is to say that coffee with lemon. Not hurt to try it!

Also note that one of the healthiest natural elements have on hand is water, is clean the intestines and also very healthy and easy to carry. Do not forget to bring your small first aid kit for the trip and have the phone numbers of hospitals or clinics in your holiday destination.

Do you know any other way? Are we so recommend? We invite you to participate in the comments section to share your experience with us.

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