Railway of Peru the most notable in the world

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Railway is the highest in Latin America, reaching 4.8235 m above the sea level. Travels a distance of 346 km, between Lima and Huancayo journey takes 12 hours. The train crosses 41 bridges, 60 tunnels, including 13 switchbacks.

Railway of Peru

Photography by wallygrom

The Central Railway of Peru may be considered among the most notable railways of the world overcome the technical difficulties and the high level that comes up through the Andes. Starting from Callao up to the picturesque city of Huancayo in the central Andean region of Peru. The train is at 4781 meters over sea level.

Aspects of the trail:

It is the only train in South America, among the standard gauge of 1.435 m, which reaches a height above sea level of approximately 4781 m in the tunnel of Galera. The highest point is La Cima, 4835 m which is located in the mining branch Ticlio to Morococha. To reach such a height the train crosses 41 bridges, 60 tunnels, and about 13 zig-zags. It employs nearly 12 hours to travel the distance of 346 km between Lima from Huancayo. The line was opened in 1908 after 38 years of work.

For many years this was the railroad that reached greater height above sea level. Only recently (2007) was exceeded by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway reaches the height 5072 m.

Railway of Peru the most notable in the world

Photography by robennals


The trips were suspended in 1999 and resumed in May 2007. The transfer of the season resort Homeless in Lima, located behind the Government Palace. San Bartolomé is reached and begins a steady climb for 117 km with a slope of about 3.3% while traces the Rimac River valley.

Cross the bridge then Carrión, who is the longest of the course. Given the steepness of the slopes landslides often occur so to protect the passenger close the blinds on the windows in some sections. Later we cross the bridge Champichaca where one can see the bottom of a steam locomotive cliff fall in 1909, accident that killed 200 people.

After passing through Ticlio (4758 m) tunnel through the galley with a single route and the route the maximum altitude (4781 m). From Ticlio out a branch to the Top (4830 m) that was (until the opening of the Tibet train) the highest railway in the world, exceeding 11 m height of Mont Blanc.

Railway in Peru the most notable in the world

Photography by Jorge Lascar

The train starts after the descent along the Mantaro River valley, after passing through La Oroya (3726 m) where there is a metallurgical operation. They wade into several stations including Jauja (3552 m) and finally to Huancayo (3261 m) distant 346 km from Lima.

Good trip to the highlands of Peru!

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